Incident Tracker Healthcare


Incident Tracker has become a great value for the Healthcare Industry. Whether you need to track total hours spent to monitor patients, or you need to track employee incidents at various locations, Incident Tracker can do both with its user friendly interface. All records can be retrieved and categorized in seconds, and best of all Incident Tracker was voted the most cost effective solution on the market.

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Incident Tracker Security Firms

Security Firms

Incident Tracker has been a long standing staple for security firms, providing them the tools for documentation, analytics, and reporting incidents within their practice. Incident Tracker’s custom form development tool allows security firms to mold Incident Tracker around their job site. Customizable notifications ensure that all interested parties are informed of each incident as soon as it’s entered, making Incident Tracker a necessary tool for all Security Firms.

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Incident Tracker Education

Education (Colleges & K-12)

Incident Tracker is a leading product among many college campuses. This tracking solution is great for Safety Officers and Staff that are required to track incidents, track accidents, or other issues on a regular basis.

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Incident Tracker Business


Incident Tracker is used in a large variety of businesses. Whether it is to document employee-related issues, keep track of work place accidents, or to track product related issues, Incident Tracker can deliver value to your small business. Incident Tracker is also being heavily utilized in the oil & gas energy industries and becoming instrumental in field operation safety because of its feature rich qualities and ease of use for an incident reporting tool.

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Incident Tracker Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Our special pricing for all non-profit organizations has made Incident Tracker one of the leading reporting tools in the industry. Its ease of use, and the ability to customize it to your needs makes it the perfect reporting tool.

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Incident Tracker Government


Incident Tracker is being utilized by many local governments and publically funded facilities. It can assist small government, public, or nonprofit organizations in employee related issues or assist in targeted service related tracking and with version 8.0 Incident Tracker integrates fully with Microsoft Active Directory as well.

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