Yes – There are reminder notifications as well as customizable workflows.

Yes – any form can be replicated to use inside Incident Tracker.

No – the secured cloud version is a web based application with nothing to download or install.

Yes – upgrades and support are included for the life of your contract.

Yes – you can edit and append information to any report.

Yes – you can attach multiple files to any report.

Yes – the administrator(s) determines the rights of each user.

The Administrator can delete that user, and they would no longer have access to Incident Tracker. All data that has been entered by that user will remain in the system and is still able to be queried.

Yes – It is a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) site that is delivered over 256 bit encryption.

We use Microsoft Azure for our hosted solution, and more details can be found here: microsoft.com/trustcenter

Yes – Incident Tracker offers 3 solutions.

  • Secured Online Hosting
  • On-premise Subscription
  • On-premise Purchase

Yes – Incident Tracker will automatically email any report based on your customized criteria.

Yes – there is an audit log for every action that occurs within Incident Tracker.

Within the application there are settings that will let Administrators determine who has access to certain types of data.

We use Microsoft Azure for our hosted solution, and more details can be found here: microsoft.com/trustcenter. Also, we often review and sign customer Business Associate Agreements.

Our internal process for maintaining PII includes routine server log checks, and only our top development personnel have access to the server. We will never disclose any of your data.

Yes, our cloud and on-premise solutions support Microsoft Active Directory. Please contact us for more details and to see which solutions is best for you.