Closing out 2019 Looking Forward to 2020

Closing out 2019 Looking Forward to 2020

Last year at this time we took a deep dive into the health of Incident Tracker.  So now let’s take a moment to reflect on how far we have come since then and recap 2019.

Incident Tracker is now deployed in 29 countries, up from 17 a year ago. Once again over 500,000 reports were submitted across all deployments and more than 12 million events were captured and almost 2 million emails delivered.  480,000 users logged in in 2019 while we saw our user-base grow overall by 17% overall.

In 2019 the product received many upgrades, some more significant ones are detailed below.

  • added a “self serve” option to allow customers to allow their users to create their own accounts
  • added a new “banned list” tool (mostly for libraries to track patrons that have suspensions)
  • added new functionality to workflows and improved performance
  • added a new custom export tool for user to grab only important report data across any date range to dump to excel on demand
  • removed all legacy charting code (all charts are now 100% script-based)
  • added a portal option for multi-tenant customers
  • added several more app setting options to allow more granular control over who can see what data in the site
  • optimized the search engine and the view reports page
  • a complete overhaul and upgrade to the cloud infrastructure hardware in all regions (our most significant upgrade ever)

On top of all of those things we are very excited to say that the new user interface has reached a major milestone in 2019.  As of the writing of this blog the Alpha version has been certified and we are now internally wrapping up our QA and testing phase.  This means that we soon will be targeting a few select customers to use the new interface and provide feedback, we believe this will happen in March of this year.  We anticipate that in Q3 we can begin to deploy the new interface on a more wide scale, keep in mind both the old and new interfaces will be available to users during this transition, ultimately though the old interface will go away.  One big new feature of the new interface is a massive overhaul of the view reports page and the search engine.  After this is complete we will begin work on a new mobile app. We will leave it at that for now.

We hope you have benefited from the many upgrades and improvements the team has been able to deliver on in 2019 and we look forward to even greater enhancements in 2020.


We appreciate your patronage of Incident Tracker and we thank you for your on going support.


The Incident Tracker Team