An Update to “The Report”

An Update to “The Report”

Incident Tracker is built on “The Report”.  The Report is the cornerstone of the Incident Management process. Once a user submits a Report many things happen and many events are put into motion.

For years the Report has, at its core, consisted of the basic sections: Date and Time, Location, Category, Write up and Persons Involved.  Once that the Report is submitted files can be attached, users assigned ownership, alerts triggered, notes added, and even customized forms with more data can be appended.

Today we are introducing Incident Tracker version 16 which now allows customized new sections to be built right into the core Report to create a perfect fit for individual needs.

As an example, a customer may require a “Shift” to be selected and an “officer on duty” to be part and parcel of every Report.  The Incident Tracker dev team can now quickly and easily add a new global report section that will be present in every single report filed.  Even better these new sections can be lists that can be stacked, so as in the example above perhaps multiple officers were on duty, no problem, click the add button and add as many officer as you like.

These new sections are searchable, can trigger alerts and workflows and can be collected in our advanced data analytics tools.

Along with this new major feature we have also added the ability to hide section 4, known as the Persons Involved section.  Because of the need to capture different data points for this section the program now allows for it to be removed and replaced with a custom section that is more or less detailed, or not replaced at all.

Please see the below screen capture of a sample of an added custom section.