Customizing The Report Sections

Customizing The Report Sections

With the imminent release of version 12.3 more customization options will be provided to allow for even more control of how you use Incident Tracker.

If you view the screen capture below you will see Section 1 and Section 4 expanded.


You will note that “Location” in Section 1 is set to its default heading.

In Section 4 “People/Witness” is also set to the default settings.


Now if you look at the next screen capture below you will notice these headings are changed.


This customer has changed Location to Agency and People and Witnesses to Victims and Officers.  You can also take note of the fact that even the “address/info” sub-heading (in Section 4) for Officers has been customized to read “dept/badge #”

Providing for this type of customization allows users to bend the application to their will and provide a much cleaner more flexible way of submitting and reading Reports.

Beside changing Location and People/Witnesses you can also customize the optional fields for duration (a numeric measurement that can be associated with Reports) and Sponsor (a way to link a person to the Report other than the submitter or assignee).

You can read more about Report Customization here.