Incident Tracker v2.0 – New Major Release

Incident Tracker v2.0 – New Major Release

The Team at Incident Tracker is happy to announce that version 2.0 is now going into a wide beta cycle, which means any customer who wants to use the new interface can now do so.  Work started in 2017 and after several years of development, several iterations of technology enhancements and improvements, and 12 months of private and public testing we are very excited to reach this milestone.

The new web interface is backed by all new technology as well, providing an overall great new quality of life to the product.  Along with porting over all existing features we have added some new ones as well, including a brand new, designed from the ground up, feature rich Advanced Search tool.  We have outlined below the major improvements, we hope you enjoy the new Incident Tracker!


Reports and Analytics Improvements

  • Basic Search is streamlined and Returns results faster.
  • A Quick Search feature was added.
  • A brand-new Advanced Search has been added for unlimited search combination sets and sub-sets of searching.
  • Average time between reports is now shown.
  • Full Report Scrapes are now shown in the preview pane.
  • Image attachments are instantly preview-able.
  • Report history and edit log are condensed in the preview pane and instantly accessible.
  • A new Quick loading option for more on-demand data with full front loading data option available.
  • A Report modal is available for both quick editing and read-only preview options.
  • Changes made to Reports while open in modals are instantly reflected on the parent page in the background.
  • Report data and History Scrapes are now stored in compressed format for quick recall on demand.
  • More options to Print an Individual Report
    • Print Report only
    • Print Report History only
    • Print Report with other associated information


Other Improvements

 * New Admin Dashboard with predictive modeling has been added

* Images (including in Report attachments) shown around the site are all preview able.

* UI overhaul / bootstrap

* More robust renaming of “incident” / “report”

* More compartmentalized admin design, in particular the app settings page

* ability to mass delete all system PMs

* added Public APIs to retrieve reporting data

* Migrated email delivery service to a higher tier of service

* General code optimization


Please reach out to your Incident Tracker support personnel if you wish to have access to the new interface and have not already done so.

Very Kind Regards,

The Incident Tracker Team