More Analytics

More Analytics

With the release of Incident Tracker version 12.32 the development team is happy to announce that a new comparative tool will be introduced in conjunction with the Activity Hotspots and Trending.

So what this means for you is that now you can compare data plots over two different time lines for better analysis of historical data.

You may now see how occurrence activity looks from year to year, quarter to quarter, or even month to month (or month set to comparative month set).  Here is a concrete example: Show me occurrences for Slip and Fall accidents on Fridays at Location A for the last quarter of 2015 vs the first quarter of 2016.  You pick and customize whatever time slices you want.

When using this new feature with the Trending graphs please note that the time slices must be comparable, so if one range is 200 days and one is 100 days, both ranges narrow to the smallest range (100 days).