News and Updates

News and Updates

Today we wanted to recap the 2018 year and take a moment to look at where are heading in 2019.

Taking  a look at our geographic data we noted that our deployments are now hosted in 17 countries and territories, that is a jump of almost 30% from 2017.  In 2018 over 300,000 reports were submitted in the cloud alone and close to half a million in total.  In 2018 the cloud environments logged approximately 10 million events and 1.5 million emails were sent via Incident Tracker.  Approximately 1,000 forms are now digitized and consumed inside of the application and nearly 400,000 people logged in in the past year.  We expect to substantially build upon those numbers this year.

Now let’s take a quick look back at some of the enhancements we’ve made and take a peak at where we are going.

In the past year the Incident Tracker team has been busy working on an overhaul of the design of the application and a major upgrade to the engine that drives the software.  While the team is close to internally launching a full build (we are targeting quarter 2 of this year for limited to full release), that isn’t the only thing that has been happening.  Let’s recap the milestone accomplishments and upgrades of 2018

  1. Cloud environment upgrade.  Now all hosts in all countries have more RAM, faster disks and upgraded CPUs among other enhancements.
  2. All of the old legacy FLASH charts have been replaced with more modern UI friendly plain old HTML.
  3. Custom Sections have been added to the core report to allow for unlimited extensibility (read more here).
  4. Improved single sign on options
  5. Optimized the time to return results in the advanced search
  6. Added recursive Group membership pulling when synchronizing member lists from an LDAP Group
  7. Optimized the time to load reports on the view reports page by allowing minimal information to be displayed when forms are included
  8. Added self serve account creation option
  9. Added a new tool (mainly for Libraries) to help keep track of banned patrons
  10. Fixed various bugs and optimized several miscellaneous processes

We hope you have benefited from the many upgrades over the past year as we look forward to revealing the new interface and other changes this coming year.  It should be noted that an increase to cloud resources is also in the pipeline and will preface the design improvements release.  There will be more updates regarding that as we close in on the target date to do so.


We thank you for your on going support.


The Incident Tracker Team