Notifications, Alerts and Reminders

Notifications, Alerts and Reminders

Incident Tracker offers many ways to manage important events that occur within Incident Tracker.  First let’s talk about Notifications.

A Notification is simply an email notice sent to either a “Notification Group” or “All Admins” or both when an action occurs to a report.  Actions are:

  • Submit
  • Append
  • Edit
  • Delete

Please note that a “Notification Group” can just be one person.  The Group is a list of email addresses that you custom create.

Notifications can be set to all Report Actions or only to Report Actions that occur to a Report of a specific category type or location.

For example a generic Notification can be set to Alert all people in the “Administration Group” when any Report is “Edited”.

A more specific Notification could read: Alert all people in Group “Part-Time Help” when a Report is “Submitted” with category “part-time” selected.

Notification Settings and Groups are located in the Administrative Menu link of the same name.

There is one additional notification setting in this area, and that is to alert the original report author when any of his/her reports are altered by anyone other than themselves.  This alert basically emails the original report author whenever another person, edits, appends to or deletes any of their reports.

When the email notification is sent a full copy of the report is shown with mention of the action that occurred, who performed the action, and when it occurred.  If files are involved they are attached.

(screen capture of the notification settings screen)


Now let’s talk about Alerts.

There are two types of Alerts, the first is a more general or simple Alert that is specifically tied to an individual Report, the second type are Alerts that are created through workflow rules.  We will discuss the first Alert type first.

The simple Alert type is set on an individual report and is set for the Alert Groups mentioned above.  So, when an action (edit, append, delete) occurs to a Report the alert Group is notified via an email that the Report was acted upon, by who and when.  A copy of the newly altered report is sent in the email alert.


(screen capture of a simple alert for an individual report)


Workflow Alerts

Workflow Alerts are more complex and more powerful than the first kind of alerts.  Workflows are composed of Triggers and Actions.  Triggers can be very layered or extremely simple.  A trigger could simply be:

  • A Report is edited
  • By John Doe

However Triggers can be very complex, here is a more sophisticated example:

  • A Report is edited
  • the Report was at least 5 days stale
  • The Report assignment is changing to Jim Smith
  • The Report status is Open
  • The Report priority is High
  • The Report Author is Rick James
  • The Report Actor is Jill Smith
  • The Report Category is NOT “emergency”
  • The Report Location is “Campus A”

And so on and so forth, the Trigger sets can be very detailed.

A valid action for this Trigger set could be “send an Alert”.  When this action is selected a Group (as defined in Notification Settings and Groups) can be set to receive the Alert or an individual email address can be set to receive the Alert.  A custom message can be defined to be sent in the Alert as well.

(screen capture of a workflow alert action)



Finally Reminders are simply set as a flag set on an individual Report that emails the reminder creator to review the Report.  The Reminder can be set to recur on a day cycle.  For example you can set a reminder on Report #67 to be reviewed by you every 5 days until you cancel the reminder.  You can also set the reminder to be a one time reminder, aka … remind me to look at this report in one week.