Update History Full

Major Release: April 26, 2023 – v19.0


  • fixed issue where some user accounts where not properly showing a category or location restrictions flag for their account
  • fixed issue where bad characters were defeating the scan to be removed during a file upload (in certain cases)
  • fixed issue where loading saved searches could cause an error if a category or location in the saved search was renamed or removed
  • fixed bug where LDAP settings would still show on the admin auth page after being un-selected
  • fixed bug where LDAP user check wasn’t always correctly verifying the optional password check variant
  • fixed bugs associated with consistency and import settings when retrieving autocomplete hints and more data for matches in People/Witness (section 4) for both submit and edit operations
  • fixed bug where when clicking on a sent message in the inbox a console error would be generated
  • fixed bug where incorrect data format for Boolean values in form data import was erroring rather than reporting the feedback
  • fixed bug where when a legacy sublocation was in a report but was deleted from the list and force a sub location if it exists was invoked as part of the report edit process the edit would not correctly validate with the legacy sublocation
  • fixed issue on report edit where legacy categories and locations were not being properly validated
  • fixed bug where abandoned locations weren’t always being correctly analyzed when calculating access to a report
  • fixed bug with forcing password change on next login being set incorrectly sometimes from the admin user edit page
  • fixed issue that when a URI is analyzed, and the prefix is omitted it gets correctly prepended (in helper class)


  • tweaked form clone bindings for the service call to be more reliable
  • added code in the Mobile Application settings page to make remote call out to support the new Mobile App (coming soon)
  • added maintenance script to catch poorly formed saved searches based on missing legacy data and intelligently correct these issues now
  • added gracefully exiting of email delivery attempts with file attachments greater than 24 MB. Email is still delivered without the files with a message explaining why.
  • added services to support the new mobile app (which is coming soon)
  • added logic to protect certain resources from loading in certain environments
  • added code to correct issue with scheduled task excel file imports


  • added display sorting for statuses and priorities
  • added friendly URL rewriting to Incident Tracker legacy version
  • added option for “Sign in with Google” to authentication process


  • cleaned up formatting on feedback when saving change to admin locations page
  • fixed a styling issue where the label content would misalign when they contained a lot of content on the recent report’s widget
  • fixed some alternate language cosmetics on the manage locations / category admin pages
  • enhanced event log for “user logged in” to reflect login type, success or failure and corrected time stamp issue during a single sign on login event capture
  • fixed cosmetic issue on admin page for creating new user (text misalignment)
  • improved event log language to reflect time stamp warnings more accurately

Minor Release: August 23, 2022 – v18.8


  • fixed issue where when calling to the LDAP tool to authenticate in some cases a user disabled in LDAP was allowed to log in
  • fixed issue where the report authors state was not correctly evaluating for some stale dated workflow that contained that trigger
  • fixed issue with cookies being secure and not cross site accessible (moved to a configuration setting)
  • fixed issue where custom content wasn’t always being shown due to URL rewriting
  • fixed max-length on fields when renaming folders in doc center
  • fixed issue with secure cookies/sessions timing out unexpectedly
  • fixed bug where when evaluating a user for restrictions in certain instances the group access list was being evaluated rather than the users
  • fixed bug where the label denoting a Report was filed via the mobile app was stuck when browsing forward and back on Reports on the individual Report page
  • fixed bug on the advanced search where sections that weren’t relevant may still return results under certain rare conditions
  • fixed bug in the advanced search where form or custom section elements were not ANDing or ORing correctly
  • fixed bug where combining Forms or custom sections in the advanced search was causing so data retrieval issues
  • fixed issue where duplicate users could be entered into the database during an import dump (non-case sensitivite matches were being allowed)
  • fixed bug where the delete user process would end without proper feedback and page would halt
  • fixed bug when checked for duplicate report during a submit


  • added code to limit the length of characters than can be inserted into an excel file as per specifications (csv file issue)
  • moved some global variables to a more reliable configuration repo
  • code : reconstructed the datalayer logic to be more efficient (big overhaul)
  • added code to globally sync mobile PIN per customer
  • changed how WorkFlow maintenance runs on admin page (optimization)
  • (optimized) made code changes to how restrictions are evaluated in Locations and categories to improve performance
  • fixed bug where partial page name matches weren’t working correctly for custom content serving
  • optimized the advanced search when analyzing only ‘AND’ed sections
  • added code to enhance when a report scrape needs refreshed (in response to non-report based actions that might change the presentation of the report, like a label being renamed)
  • upgraded advanced search status from BETA to certified feature
  • added code to globally sync mobile PIN per customer


  • added .csv file support for file exports (including to FTP services)
  • added ability to refresh the report in the list to make sure it reflects the most current state
  • added features to allow for inheriting “Is Not” states in the advanced search for tiered data sets: Locations and Categories
  • added aria-label to main menu for vision impaired support


  • cleaned up feedback when Form contents are edited
  • LDAP credentials password field now masked
  • added more descriptive text to emails when alerting about a workflow execution
  • fixed typo in event history when detailed a mobile report was submitted

Minor Release: April 5, 2022 – v18.7


  • fixed a bug where when creating a form, the form name could be longer than the length allowed in the database
  • fixed a bug in the Linked Table stability check code where a session was being used to identify the customer guid rather than the embedded value passed
  • fixed issue on admin workflows page where when changing the trigger to stale date only the alert group dropdown option in actions could be showing a non-valid option
  • fixed bug in Recent Reports and Back Next browsing where in some cases the category restriction scan was not providing correct results
  • fixed bug where witness/people IDs weren’t always pulling the correct “info” data
  • fixed bug where appended note event was being marked as an anonymous action instead of being tied to the correct person
  • added fixes to LDAP local querying for on-prem deployment types
  • fixed bug where image links lost their state after opening up modal on My Reports page
  • fixed issue where config file would get locked when a custom data access DLL was in use
  • fixed bug where some database changes were being overwritten during congested function execution
  • fixed bug where image paths used when generating content for off network delivery was set incorrectly


  • changed the ‘Login’ import from excel process to better monitor the attempts to update the database and provide better feedback and not fail the entire process for one bad entry
  • changed how we obtain some local variables in code to a more reliable process – an example is the local file path
  • changed how we call the check for orphaned locations to run on a dice roll and only when a loc, sub or room list was altered, prior it ran on every single post back
  • added a call to clean orphaned locations to the async call to the maintenance script in case it was invoked by the dice roll
  • changed default slot value for a workflow to 999 (it was 99) if a customer had more than 98 workflows this was causing an issue
  • changed directory creation script to be more reliable and run during deployment setup always for both cloud and on premise customers
  • moved sessions to be off the same IIS pool as the web app and now uses the servers state server service for better recovery
  • changed image tooltip previews to use an async service for better performance
  • added code to optimize page state on some of the more demanding pages
  • changed all cookies to use secure transfer protocol and to invoke same site only mode for better security
  • changed all URL references and paths internal and external to always use a secure route, including off network services


  • added error capturing and re-enabled error redirection
  • added ability to use LDAP over a secure connection
  • added staging database structure for Graph implementation
  • added database staging for improved custom section data retrieval


  • improved error feedback by making an attempt to provide a code to match in the admin logs
  • changed an FTP file creation process, regarding how some files are created (now they show all the fields as regular without the weird renaming schema
  • added image preview tooltip to document center
  • cleaned up some UI feedback content wells

Minor Release: December 15, 2021 – v18.6


  • fixed bug where trending graphs, when analyzing the “Day” interval, were showing wrong data in some cases and exporting incorrect data when dumping out to excel
  • fixed bug where duplicate custom section triggers were allowed to be saved in a Workflow
  • fixed issue where wrong URL was appearing in some external communications (changed code to more accurately get URL)
  • fixed bug where recent reports wasn’t showing the correct reports in some cases
  • fixed bug where when exporting dual data from trending graph to excel that the first data set was getting cut off in the excel file
  • fixed a bug where when executive report delivery task kicked off an uncaught exception occurred in some cases
  • changed scheduled task Stale Date impact matrix to correctly show the most recent impact in the grid on the Workflow admin page
  • fixed scheduled task Stale Dated WorkFlows to always run each cycle for on-prem customers
  • fixed issue where when a user was added to a group and the group had no category or locations restrictions but the user did, the user wasn’t always getting correctly scanned to have their individual restrictions removed
  • fix to saving/syncing custom sections
  • fixed bug where status and priority markers weren’t always being set to show they were set by a WorkFlow rule during a Submit
  • fixed bug where report edit log was overwritten during a WorkFlow execution for an EDIT action


  • added a way to encrypt the database stored password when in a third party file as would be the case for some on-prem customers
  • added session regeneration code to prevent session fixation and help with man in the middle attacks
  • improved lost password email link, its creation was relying on a cookie rather than the virtual directory, which is less reliable
  • moved Login Scripts to run in a new thread
  • made changes to how the executive report subscriptions are generated and emailed out (was getting an occasion error that was stopping the scheduled task process)
  • fixed recent reports and <<back next>> code for report browsing to be more reliable
  • made a change to how recent report default loads, if too many reports make them force the selection and limit it
  • changed scheduled task code to evaluate which Stale Dated Workflows should be checked
  • changed it so internal spaces are not allowed in passwords and logins
  • changed how we clean orphaned locations on so now that process run out of thread
  • optimized code for saving users to a Group regarding parsing Location restrictions when they are enabled
  • optimized custom section sync process to be more sensitive to changes (in admin area)


  • added a way to clear the display data for Form objects that have no display: textboxes, dropdownlists, radiolists, and html textboxes in the admin form management tool
  • added option to allow admins to force a sub-location to have to be selected when one exists (in a submit or edit process)
  • added ability to try to regenerate the big excel dump of report if it takes longer than 15 minutes
  • added stricter requirements for login editing on the my info page


  • added “report” replace/alternate language check to the Report Complete Confirmation Page
  • fixed alternate language on executive report scrapes
  • fixed scheduled task logging to correctly show which customer ran Stale Dated Workflows
  • added fix to helper call to capitalize first letter of a given phase (issue was an incorrect reference to a class file)

Minor Release: August 17, 2021 – v18.5


  • added a fix to the special excel file export where wrong field was being retrieved from a form in certain cases
  • fixed bug where when renaming/deleting a category or location used in a workflow that had to pass the integrity check (because it was bound to reports) was not calling the clean script to parse and update workflows, now it is
  • fixed bug where image orientation was being incorrectly calculated sometimes when compressing and analyzing image file uploads
  • fixed bug where some application settings were not being marked as changed and hence not always being saved in admin application settings page
  • fixed bug where exact match only in admin custom content page was being set incorrectly
  • fixed bug where when a user without document view rights recieved a file attachment in a private message the page would error
  • fixed bug where when a user was assigned a report that they could not view the database was logging an incorrect user id


  • improved the public APIs
  • changed renaming category, locations and subs behavior to also automatically update workflows tied to those
  • added code to to help build blank columns for any new forms attached during a workflow execution if needed
  • added code to correct mismatched saved columns for a form
  • changed the way workflows behave when a category or location is removed and was part of a workflow
  • changed how image compression works to include PNG files when they do not contain transparency
  • changed the “append a note” process to create the associated event log differently so the report scrape used in the newest version of UI gets erased so it can get rebuilt when it sees that it is blank
  • tweaked scheduled tasks to not load unrelated triggers for stale dated workflow analysis (in some cases there were duplicated email alerts) – also cleaned up the email language to read better when the action was an alert only and no definable actions
  • spread scheduled tasks stale dated workflow execution into 4 groups to run every 4 hours (was 2 groups every 2 hours) and added cloud logging for better troubleshooting
  • changed single sign on “log back in” URL to include the virtual direction querystring rather than relying on stored variables


  • improved the vision impaired tools/features/functionality
  • changed alternate labels to be allowed to be identical for people and witness “address/info” renaming
  • changed loading or reloading workflow triggers to rebind the categories and locations rather than just rechecking the existing ones incase a user changed the category/location lists during the page life cycle
  • added ability to change smtp service per customer
  • added code to allow the “status date” (date of the most recent status change) to be exported via the custom export excel tool in the admin area


  • changed how dates are formatted in the custom excel file report dump
  • added feedback on the customize category and location admin pages for when a deletion causes a workflow to be disabled
  • updated all the theme style sheets to include some of the new classes for the locations/category Workflow info popup/modal
  • fixed typo where work “entries” was misspelled in various feedback language around the site
  • removed label from report view so the “Thank You from the Incident Tracker team!” no longer is visible
  • changed sender email address on email settings page to be proper based on cloud or onprem authsmtp or sendgrid and sendgrid UK vs US
  • moved excel export custom tool from BETA status to certified feature

Minor Release: March 19, 2021 – v18.4


  • fixed issue with how bad URLs are processed, more user friendly redirect now takes place.
  • fixed bug where form images couldn’t be uploaded due to folder lock issue
  • fixed bug where removing a file attachment was not associating the event log with the report


  • improved code that cleans HTML textboxes of non desired content/markup
  • when exporting reports to excel column mismatch issues are collected now and elegantly worked around
  • added new compression tech for when image files are uploaded/attached to reports
  • changed how images are rendered on hover over in the report Grid on the Reports and Analytics and My Reports page
  • added new options in the CP and admin_appsettings (for on-prem) to set storage limits
  • added a check during report export in the admin area to check first to see if the user selected any fields
  • added new email delivery service that more accommodates UK customers
  • changed how the HTML textboxes are globally checked based on how it recursively looks for embedded img tags


  • added public APIs (Beta)
  • added high bandwidth option for page loads in certain cases
  • updated how the password retrieval process works
  • added capture of form data to show in the edit log when a form is removed from a report during an edit
  • logos now allowed to be either jpeg or png files

Minor Release: Nov 12, 2020 – v18.3


  • fixed bug where when updating categories and subcategories the tooltips were being erased
  • fixed bug where when updating sub categories in certain cases the group “no access list” might not have been set right
  • fixed bug where when editing a report that does not have saved data for a newly created custom section any pre-existing custom sections might not be loading correctly
  • fixed issue where the workflow UI (in the admin area) was not always being reset after a workflow delete or creation of a new workflow (a previously loaded workflow was still showing some settings)
  • fixed bug where the categories shown for category alerts would lose their sub category indicator on postback
    – added fix to prevent the last enabled admin to be added to a group that does not contain admin rights
  • fixed issue where when saving a banned list entry (on the admin page) the photo selected becomes unselected
  • fixed issue where the person being assigned a report isn’t captured in event logging in certain cases affecting some analytics
  • fixed issue where room group restrictions weren’t being applied to members of a user group
  • fixed bug where if a status did not have a color selected it would not show up in the status key on the My Reports page
  • fixed issue where when when the status list was long the page would break and show a run on table when rendering the status key on My Reports and Reports and Analytics
  • fixed bug in cleaning html entered input where looping logic was looking at an incorrect variable
  • fixed issue where workflow triggers were not correctly identifying duplicates triggers in other workflows during workflow trigger saving
  • fixed bug that caused an error when executing a stale dated workflow that included a multi-valued field (like a checkboxlist) from a custom section
  • fixed scheduled task so the FTP file creation process for select customers runs more efficiently
  • fixed bug where when during a custom export of data a view of the data was embedding NULL values where zero length string should have been
  • fixed bug in date ranges for heatmap searches


  • added to maintenance script to check for a report attached file count and make sure it is correct
  • changed it so a form being attached during a workflow will mark a report as being edited; and create an edit log entry – prior it was only creating a report edited event causing some confusion
  • added new code to all admin import report pages (for on-prem only) to allow report import with a form and a custom section (none, either one only or both)
  • when adding users to groups or applying non-admin rights to groups checked for at least one remaining ENABLED admin to exist.
  • added code to prevent reports from being submitted or imported if touring is on – touring prevents events from being created which causes systemic issues with reports
  • added new code to help clean html-based markup input from users
  • changed how the temporarily file pointers are saved and removed when engaging the file uploader tool (this process moved to each customers private folder rather than one global store)
  • added event log for when a global alert for locations or categories (or their subs) were set
  • changed how images are rendered to the browser for admin banned list (removed hover-over and replaced it with single click pop-up)
  • added form maintenance script to run a little more regularly upon login default page


  • added “print option” notice to group list on admin group management page
  • added tool for admins to export user list
  • added a new “notice” page for when Incident Tracker staff need to send a message to a deployment
  • added mass delete report options for master admins


  • fixed typo in app settings page “All User” to “All Users”
  • fixed tooltip on report row hamburger for “more options” to read “more options”, it was incorrectly reading “report history”
  • added tooltip to see selected email list members in workflow action that sends an email to a Group
  • now user rights matrix shows LDAP/SAML accounts icon even if LDAP/SAML is turned off
  • fixed “report” renaming on admin_sponsorlist.aspx
  • reworked UI on the admin sponsor list page
  • added labels to show custom section ID and input count on admin pages
  • fixed issue where when renaming a workflow the event log was saving as workflow created instead of edited
  • fixed issue where workflow name was not being limited to 50 characters (new and editing)
  • added “report” renaming to two labels on the admin banned list page
  • made cosmetic fix to show restrictions better on the user edit page (in particular when a group restrictions was changed for that user)
  • made a change to how locations are shown in the admin workflows page – if there is nothing to show more (no subs) under the current layer it renders as a label rather than a clickable link to show more
  • cleaned up workflow UI so non-selected Trigger and Action controls can not be interacted with
  • changed textbox width on editing saved search names to align inside the space allotted
  • added report string renaming to activity, hotspots and heatmap pages

Minor Release: April 3, 2020 – v18.2


  • fixed issue where when deleting an unused image map in forms the repeater did not refresh to show the image map to be removed
  • added a fix for multiple report reminders for the same report and same person
  • fixed bug where when re-sorting the user rights grid when viewing users, the icon denoting third party wired or account disabled would disappear
  • fixed bug where when adding a new member to a user group the group rights/restrictions may not be applied in all cases to that new member
  • fixed issue for user using https rss feeds
  • fixed bug where when creating a custom section trigger for a workflow in some cases for multi-valued objects we were using the .text attribute rather than the .value attribute
  • fixed bug where when defining a workflow to be triggered by a change in value to a customsection field the workflow’s execution would incorrectly be evaluated
  • fixed bug where when clicking to re-load the user right matrix nothing would happen
  • fixed javascript error when calling a reference to the heatmap on _heatmaps, _heatmaps2, _printimagemap and _printimagemap2 and the heatmap wasn’t yet rendered, now we check for it’s existence first
  • fixed bug where a report would show custom section fields as editable when supposed to show as read-only (only occurred when no custom section data was saved for the report)
  • fixed issue where we renaming “reports” or “incidents” was disabled the status of renaming them wasn’t immediately reset (a logoff needed to happen to set it)
  • fixed issue where disabled users were NOT showing up in the autocomplete list of users (when threshold surpassed) on admin user edit page
  • fixed bug where recent reports was showing duplicate reports in some cases
  • fixed bug where mass exporting of reports to PDFs (as called from the CP to a webservice) was bugged due to introducing the cloudurl config entry (missing trailing slash in URL)
  • fixed bug where when saving application settings occasionally the page would error (due to a storage size setting)
  • fixed bug where renaming incidents caused the view reports page to error when there was no reports to show
  • fixed bug where a new workflow could be saved without a trigger
  • fixed bug where in certain cases reports sets ID floor values were incorrect due to improper sorting
  • fixed bug where when searching people.witness (section 4) by ID no matches were returned


  • improved search matching results for section 4 people/witness
  • upgraded web application to .net 4.7.2 from 4.5 (includes support for SMTP services utilizing TLS 1.2)
  • added ability to track file attachments by user who attached file when gather analytics
  • added code to prohibit a user group from being deleted if it is in use via the “printoption” app settings
  • added code to the cleaner script for radeditor to block script tags
  • upgraded code that showed “recent reports” to be more efficient
  • changed event logging upon the manual emailing of a report so two logs are created, one is a generic “email sent” log disassociated with the report and the second is a “report_emailed” entry associated with the report


  • increased amount of reports to be allowed to be exported in the beta tool from 1,000 to 2,500
  • enhanced renaming of “incident” or “report” to another label, i.e. “ticket” or “claim” or “issue” etc…
  • added new tool to export/import location sets


  • fixed cosmetic issue where we editing a user restrictions a notice would pop up sometimes incorrectly saying restrictions can only be set via the users group
  • removed the word “incident” from as many event logs creation “details” in code as possible (to help support renaming incident/report)
  • fixed issue where when password complexity rules were not met when creating a new user no user feedback was provided, the process just ended, now feedback is provided.
  • fixed instances where location renaming was not taking affect
  • changed the admin user restrictions summary page to show users in order of Last Name sorted
  • fixed bug where option to print forms was missing in certain cases
  • fixed an issue where when removing all Location restrictions for a user the restrictions were still showing despite being removed
  • fixed issue where “saving draft” was showing up in all update panel progress notifications during an asynchronous post-back action

Major Release: January 5, 2020 – v17.22


  • fixed bug where when an email was to be sent to the “original report author” due to a report being altered, if the original report author was deleted from the system an error was thrown
  • fixed an issue where disabled users could still receive an email alert during a workflow kick off where “send alert to original report author” was an action
  • fixed bug during report import where categories were incorrectly being evaluated during the integrity test
  • fixed bug where when the photo of a banned patron was changed the change was not being saved and the entire update process was halted.
  • fixed issue where “person/item” delete button would float behind other controls on banned list admin page
  • reworked photo listing in banned list for better viewing and added option to search on photo by file name
  • fixed bug where when setting general (non workflow) alerts, occasionally the process would error when trying to update the information label on how a ‘group’ was being utilized
  • fixed bug where note count was not updating after adding a note (appending notes) to the individual report page
  • fixed bug where user rights were not being accounted for in _overload due to misplaced exit sub clause
  • fixed bug where “banned List” tool event log for a dismiss action was not showing the proper name as supplied by the customer in their custom settings
  • fixed issue where when clicking checkbox to apply user rights in groups, there was no check to see if at least one admin would be remaining in the system
  • fixed bug where when using the custom report export tool (beta) that the date range would cut off the ending date by one day.
  • fixed bug with custom export report tool (admin area) when optional fields, like sponsor, duration, status etc.. was not being accounted for properly when generating the export excel file
  • fixed bug where when asking for all activity hotspot data points for a custom section field that was a checkboxlist no results would be returned
  • fixed bug where when during a submit trigger for Report Author the trigger was being incorrectly analyzed and described in the execution summary
  • fixed bug where duplicate header names in excel file exports were stopping the process from completing the file creation.
  • fixed bug where when checking for duplicate alternate labels for report sections the fields were being incorrectly analyzed
  • fixed bug where the mobile call to append notes was duplicating the event log entry
  • fixed bug where the mobile call to append notes was not executing workflow check (considered an EDIT event)
  • fixed bug where custom section values were not being passed to workflow execution calls in various places around the site, causing WFs whose triggers were dependent on cs values to not fire


  • improved time-out performance (so inactive TABs will not time-out users)
  • changed how we store file paths for attached files (now using relative pathing)


  • added a portal for multi-tenant customers
  • changed workflow actions to allow file attachments to be sent during a regular EDIT trigger (before it was just during submit)
  • added ability for admins to set printing abilities for their deployment for report related data
  • global page timers can now be disabled


  • added language (in the first email) to say a second email is coming with attachments when the new WF action (to send email attachments) is triggered
  • all colors for status and priorities are now web approved
  • added more color choices for statuses

Minor Release: September 17, 2019 – v17.22


  • fixed issue where reloading a workflow in the admin area, the email alert options might be incorrectly displaying the available options
  • fixed bug when “sponsor” is active and renamed, the new name was not appearing in all excel file headers during report exports
  • fixed bug where “recursive” reminder alert was showing as a workflow trigger option for “submit” or “edit” events (it should only show when it is not either of those events)
  • fixed bug where repeaters in custom sections might not be correctly saving some inputs to the database
  • fixed bug where the change log was not correctly capturing the change to a textbox or rad editor box in a custom section during a report edit
  • fixed bug where “recent reports” was not always showing the correct reports (user assigned reports might have been omitted)
  • fixed bug where a stale-dated only workflow kicked off and sub-locations were involved, the chance of evaluating the triggers correctly was impacted
  • fixed bug where stale-dated workflows may have been incorrectly evaluating the stale date recursive interval and sending on day 0


  • upgraded to new version of fusion charts
  • added helper to clean file names better before uploading
  • optimized code on the trending graphs analytics page
  • optimized loading of scripts on pages, bundled needed scripts, removed legacy scripts or replaced with newer minified version where appropriate
  • upgraded to new version of heatmap (javascript)


  • added ability to set workflow email alert action to the “report author”
  • added new custom export report tool (Admin Only)
  • added ability for report author alert to be combined with an email group or individual


  • fixed typo on custom section sync page where describing the sync process
  • re-aligned ‘report history’ link on the individual report page so there is some padding on the border

Minor Release: August 18, 2019 – v17.21


  • fixed issue where when a Workflow was kicked off by a report submit and files where attached, no follow up email with the files was being sent


  • made a change so when LDAP group info is pulled via the LDAP webservice. The user attributes are collected properly in all cases now.
  • enhanced master admin features when setting mass location restrictions (can now set by main location)


  • added ability to define if the customer wants file attachments to be sent when a workflow triggers an email alert during a report submit process


  • added ability to expand home page to single column format
  • reworked css so the timer div shows properly on all pages (special attention to the home page)
  • removed link to ‘customize this section’ in section 4 for submit and edit report pages
  • added a tag to the “saved drafts” div so area can be hidden by master admin

Minor Release: June 27, 2019 – v17.2


  • fixed announcement messaging so a blank post can not be posted
  • fixed bug where duration was not showing when exporting reports on _myreports.aspx page to excel


  • normalized cookie naming structure across the enterprise


  • changed so when saving form changes we no longer ignore case, so change ‘xx’ to ‘XX’ is now considered a change (only with textboxes)
  • fixed issue so only .jpg .gif .png and .jpeg files can be uploaded to banned list photo list
  • added feature for master admin to apply location restrictions by location – sublocation combos
  • added ability to allow custom content to be added to the top of each page

Minor Release: May 5, 2019 – v17.11


  • fixed issue where notification groups may show incorrectly on the “more options” section in the report view grid
  • fixed bug where when adding a custom section header columns to an excel export, a duplicate column name error may occur
  • fixed bug in mobile app when checking for workflow execution after a report submit
  • fixed bug where any post back on the confirm submit report page would cause any form data to be hidden
  • fixed bug where custom section names were not showing correctly when being selected in the admin area
  • fixed bug where custom section name was not clearing when selecting to create a new custom section in the admin page


  • upgraded excel import process to now use an office compatible tool


  • added ability to set an email alert for the manual dismiss process when a banned patron is dismissed
  • administrators can now create a “report instruction” note to be shown on the report page
  • administrators can now set a tool tip for categories and subcategories to be shown on the submit report page
  • SAML can now be turned on or off by a site admin
  • added preliminary FTP services for custom file exporting

Major Release: February 14, 2019 – v17.0


  • optimized the advanced search process
  • LDAP group pull for members now include sub-groups (recursive)
  • added option to sort users pulled from an LDAP group on the authentication page (also removes duplicates in the process)
  • added ability for email notices to go out to the sponsor of a report during a report edit/append/delete process
  • added option to disable showing FORMS on the view reports page (for better performance)


  • fixed bug where checking to allow users to change their own password/login was only checking in LDAP or SSO (when considering third party accounts), now we include SAML
  • fixed issue where searching for a user on the user edit admin page via LDAP and no match was found the page would silently error (ajax error)
  • fixed issue where the December executive summary report was using incorrect date ranges
  • fixed bug where an alert note attached to workflow only was included during a SUBMIT process, now it shows for EDIT events as well


  • accounts can now be self created if the option is enabled
  • added new tool called “banned list” – mainly for libraries

Minor Release: October 13, 2018 – v16.6


  • changed how we evaluate date and time in event log creation
  • optimized code to hide workflow matrices when more than 50 workflows in admin page
  • added code to allow for a default row in forms upon new creation to help set the form foundation


  • made cosmetic change to how workflow stale dated execution history notes were documented
  • replaced flash charts with new html charts


  • fixed bug where assignment options on reports grid was not loading for myreports
  • fixed issue where appended notes would sometimes be marked as changed during a report edit when in fact they were not edited.
  • fixed bug where when visiting the hotspot activity page the time stamp to document the event is set to 00:00:00
  • fixed bug where when deleting a Group prior to opening it the application would error
  • added ajax update panel back into admin_usernew.aspx page
  • removed line of code that reloads all users on admin_useredit.aspx at the very top of the code behind called subroutine
  • fixed bug where when a sponsor’s office phone was changed no event log was captured
  • fixed bug where when calling subs to look for location restrictions the wrong table was being queried
  • fixed bug where the impact matrix for stale dated workflows did not correctly profile reports that had included or excluded forms or custom section data
  • fixed some bloated code to optimize loading location repeaters in the workflows admin page
  • fixed bug where bookmarks didn’t properly load on some pages
  • fixed bug where when creating a comparison activity hotspot data set the duration totals may be truncated to integers
  • fixed bug where when executing a stale-dated Workflow actions would be invoked prior to stale date trigger actually occurring
  • fixed bug where the workflow execution history shown in the stale dated workflow matrix was showing all events for all workflows rather than just the ones for the workflow in the list
  • added a fix for “too many users” issue so when selecting a user to filter actions on in the advanced search we don’t populate a drop down but rather present an autocomplete textbox
  • fixed bug where when assigning a report from the myreports page any email alerts or privates messages failed to be delivered
  • fixed issue where selecting to hide all graphs on the bulletin board poll results loaded the column graph instead of showing none


  • added ability to allow non admins to export report sets from the view reports page

Minor Release: July 5, 2018 – v16.5


  • updated ODBC drivers (for third party import/export processes)
  • changed form maintenance code to only run between 3am and 5am (sever time)
  • restructured and optimized the recent reports section
  • added code to config to help redirect bad url characters
  • updated file upload types
  • changed how HTML is represented when generating reports to excel files – added new helper sub
  • changed how report PDFs get generated when an alert or workflow kicks off an email that includes a report PDF (when a report has an image map)
  • added code to hide user drop-down lists when there are more than x amount of logins in the database to improve performance on certain pages
  • added code to ensure non-Incident Tracker accounts could not have the ‘force password change’ option enabled
  • optimized admin workflow page to allow for better performance when a large number of workflows exist
  • added code to allow for a default row in forms upon new creation to help set the form foundation


  • fixed typo from pop-ups on import database page
  • changed how category charts load on view reports
  • streamlined the way the additional actions panel reacts on the view and my reports page
  • fixed issue where SAML linked accounts were not showing as such in the user rights matrix


  • fixed issue where LTA scripts were using cookie values instead of values passed in the signature
  • fixed new locations/categories to get the lowest slot
  • fixed bug with group restrictions when adding or changing the categories or locations
  • fixed bug where status and priority would disappear
  • fixed bug when setting a priority on an individual report
  • fixed executive report emails going to multiple groups when they execute at the same time
  • fixed bug when we build the label that shows how a notification group is being used on the email settings page during a settings change was erroring due to no group currently shown and the group/list ID was non existent
  • fixed bug where BB posts remained open in edit mode after an edit was completed
  • fixed issue where multiple account deleted events were being created for a single account deletion
  • fixed bug where a report action caused a workflow to execute and change the report assignment would sometimes incorrectly format the assigned name
  • fixed issue where duration unit would appear on report confirmation page when duration was not enabled
  • fixed issue where changing SMTP settings didn’t create event log
  • fixed bug where emails failed when assigning a report from my reports page


  • streamlined single sign on so a single redirection can be accommodated

Major Release: February 13, 2018 – v16.0


  • section 4 (people/witness) can now be disabled
  • customers can now have custom sections embedded directly into the core report (created by Incident Tracker developers).
  • these new sections can be included in workflows, drafts, searches and analytics.


  • fixed bug where executive reports were not using the fully correct date ranges to collect report data
  • fixed bug where viewing users their location restrictions would not refresh
  • fixed bug with renaming a User Groups
  • fixed issue where grabbing the control that caused a postback in certain scenarios errored
  • fixed bug on heat maps where bookmark code was using wrong call to extract web page
  • fixed forms on my reports page to show in columns on excel export (was embedding full form structure)
  • fixed bug where when exporting heat map data to PDF the event log incorrectly detailed it was from a date range when it was actually from a query
  • fixed bug with generating a print page or PDF for a heat map where when only report ID ranges are used in the data set it was incorrectly using dates instead of the ID ranges
  • fixed bug where when deleting a report from the EDIT REPORT and REPORT page the user would be logged out after the delete completed – now redirected to the home page
  • fixed bug where excel file description for an activity hotspot export was not showing correctly (using wrong variable set)
  • fixed bug where when clicking on a checkbox (corresponding to a user’s right) in the user rights matrix could cause an error


  • changed “datapeaking” tooltip text
  • draft date reads in proper format now based on default language
  • now alternate labels for locations and sponsors are showing correctly on activity hot spots
  • re-ordered columns for excel file exports and included custom sections
  • fixed alternate label for people/witnesses on report edit page (it was not being set)
  • corrected a typo that was in the email created during an edit event email alert

Major Release: September 19, 2017 – v15.0


  • fixed bug where LDAP domain was not provided when syncing users to incident tracker from an LDAP security group
  • fixed issue where the witness info on the submit confirm page was pulling the “text” value from the radeditor rather than the “content”
  • fixed bug where event log for a workflow action, that assigned a report to a new person and triggered an email alert, was incorrectly showing who received the email
  • fixed bug that occurred when a report reminder was executed, and “send reminder to asignee” was selected, the assigned person was not getting the email alert
  • fixed bug where the “no access list” may have been incorrectly built in certain circumstances while setting user category restrictions
  • fixed bug on the admin user edit page where location restrictions were considered instead of category restrictions when parsing through subcategories while analyzing their restrictions
  • fixed bug where extra trailing slash would appear in some run-time generated links involving pathing to files or images
  • fixed bug where heat map scrapes were not setting correct cookies to allow for PDF export
  • fixed bug where PDF files may not be created correctly for reports when they contain a form with an image map
  • fixed bug where reports with form images may be misaligned when creating a PDF of multiple reports at once
  • fixed bug where user restrictions were not always showing correctly in the UI after being edited/applied
  • fixed bug in the code that cleans text when calculating length of the closing html tag when cleaning HTML content
  • fixed bug when clicking on a search in the saved searches list on the view reports page nothing happened, now it loads the search.
  • fixed bug when selecting a second date range in Trending and then removing it, the app thinks there is still a second (but non valid) date trying to be evaluated
  • fixed bug where in the bulletin board the content from an html text box was not being evaluated properly
  • fixed issue where the “alert note” wasn’t being attached to any emails sent via stale dated workflow executions
  • fixed bug where the email list cookie on the report complete page was being cleared after attaching the first set of attached files, so if a second set of attached files were submitted there were no recipients for a report submit alert email
  • fixed bug where when original report author is set to receive an alert for a report change and the report is deleted, the report can not be sent in the alert due to the timing of the delete


  • added popup text/content to better explain the LDAP query option
  • can now print user rights popup content on the user edit and LDAP group sync page in the control panel
  • changed how searching on checkboxes on forms in the advanced search works, instead of simply ignoring checkboxes (as an option), the option now is to ignore unchecked checkboxes
  • Now when canceling out of renaming a category (or subs) or renaming locations (or subs) the text boxes are re-filled with the original names
  • cleaned up formatting of people/witnesses on the submit report confirmation page
  • moved the advanced search tooltip explaining the counts that show in paranthesis beside the advanced search button to show to the right so it doesn’t get cut off
  • now when deleting a user more useful feedback is presenting about the user prior to confirming the delete
  • added a user picker to workflow action “send alert to” when selecting an email address
  • cleaned up UI on admin user edit page where occasionally debugging text would appear on the screen
  • added “close” icons to restrictions grids for both locations and categories subs when setting user restriction
  • removed “go” button on email settings admin page
  • changed “print submitted report” link on Report Complete page from a link button to an html link that opens in a new tab
  • upgraded date range interface for hotspots
  • can now bookmark Trends, Hotspots and heatmaps pages
  • the new user email content now shows the support site url support.incident-tracker.com rather than the marketing site url
  • reworked authentication settings page
  • updated public facing links to Clery resources
  • fixed issue where not all notification (email) group list usages where made clear on the Notification Settings and Groups page
  • tips on the home page auto-rotate every 30 seconds, when page refresh is OFF
  • added status and priority labels to recent reports box out
  • added ability for incident tracker staff to post important messages inside of Cloud deployments
  • bookmarks set from the recent reports box out now reflect instantly in the bookmarks panel
  • added a link to the support site inside of the help link resources page
  • double counting Clery count when selecting residential facilities checkbox now defaults to unchecked and must manually be checked


  • added a new helper sub to better clean html and other unwanted markup from tags
  • updated code used to query LDAP
  • the LDAP webservice is now set to hide the signatures/subs/function names and operation definitions from public viewing
  • SMTP password for on-premise customers using SMTP and requiring pre-authentication is now encrypted
  • added better screening of HTML markup (removing unnecessary image map overhead) when scraping a report for emailing or PDF purposes
  • added new hash algorithm when calling the report view page to create a PDF or scrape a report to send along with an email
  • changed algorithm to handle email distribution based on deployment type and other settings
  • consolidated tip creation code
  • re-organized the email delivery code
  • added email fail/success log entry to a stale-date workflow execution the sends an email alert


  • added LDAP user account syncing from customer directory services to CLOUD
  • added Groups.  Now users can be managed via Groups (applies to rights and restrictions)
  • added ability to “disable” a user
  • added sending a PM during a “delete” report notice execution (we had only been sending an email)
  • adding ability to add customer logo to report header as well as optional text/content
  • added ability to send a copy of the report in a workflow action when the trigger is submit or edit and only a single report is being evaluated
  • added BETA testing for SAML authentication for CLOUD
  • added ability to hide restricted categories and locations based on user restrictions
  • users can now be imported to be connected to third party auth via an excel file upload
  • now admins can schedule delivery of an executive report (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) to be distributed to managers (BETA)
  • added ability to add “disclaimer” text to all outgoing emails generated by the application

Minor Release: April 27, 2017 – v14.2

Bugs & Improvements

  • removed all winnovate PDF code blocks, replaced with expertPDF (this tool is used to generate PDF files around the site, the legacy version would not always place heatmaps markings correctly)
  • fixed bug where quick delete option on “my reports” page reports grid did not work
  • fixed bug where removing an alert list from category (or location) alerts the category (or location) alert for that group would still be applied
  • fixed bug where trending graph export to excel would error when there was no second date range selected
  • fixed minor text issues
  • corrected issue where in the event log, for a work flow execution, occasionally the new priority assigned name was documented incorrectly
  • added code to clean out more unwanted markup from a report body when copied out of a word document
  • removed admin link to manage templates and forms from submit report page and edit report page
  • added ability to enable SMTP SSL/TLS for on-premise customers

Minor Release: March 28, 2017 – v14.1


  • admin report sponsor page now shows all deleted sponsors upon demand


  • fixed bug where saved drafts were not always saving when only data in step 1  was entered
  • fixed bug where scheduled workflows would error out due to bad database call
  • fixed bug where advanced search on view reports contained a room that was blank the sql query would fail
  • fixed bug during a priority name change with an integrity check
  • fixed bug where loading a saved advanced search certain data parts (location or category) may not load the correct sub-location/sub-category correctly and not correctly bind that DDL to appropriate options as well
  • fixed bug where recent reports panel would cause a never ending loop under rare circumstances
  • fixed bug where “jump to category alerts” link on manage categories page did not take user to proper tab
  • fixed bug where “jump to location alerts” link on manage locations page did not load the location alert settings properly


  • change “report sponsors” to not be permanently deleted if tied to old reports, before we would remove them from al lreports and then permanent;y delete them.  Now they remain visible, but marked as deleted
  • so they cant be used in the future.  They need to be removed from reports to be permanently deleted
  • resized images from 800 x 600 max to 1200 x 900
  • upgraded to newer version of PDF generator to fix issue where very long HTML strings were causing misalignment issue when reports contained forms that contained heat map images
  • added the ability to change how forms are shown in report view as either above the write up or at the bottom of the report
  • added clery categories (only used as hate crimes) : Larceny-Theft, Simple Assault, Intimidation, Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property

Major Release: January 31, 2017 – v14.0


  • fixed bug when editing a report with forms and saving changes would take 5 + minutes to run form maintenance check
  • fixed bug where alternate labels on individual report page was not setting when opened up from the my reports page
  • fixed bug where multiple events were being logged when a PM was sent
  • fixed bug in PMs where PMs were logging the users login as their email
  • fixed bug when user changes their password it wasn’t saving
  • fixed bug when user changed language it wasn’t saving


  • fixed design issue where save and delete buttons would lay on top of each other when selecting to edit a form on the admin form page
  • fixed design issue on forms page when row number greater than 2 digits, the row number becomes misaligned
  • added binding ‘enter’ keypress to column when editing a row’s cosmetic data inside of a form on the admin form page
  • changed clery subcategory drop-down to show a “choose option” in reports advanced search when a clery main category is selected
  • added alternate label language to location drop downs on submit/edit report page and cleaned up some formatting issues there


  • Mobile App v1.0 released (Cloud Solution only)
  • added option to hide person and witness auto-fill and auto-complete in section 4 of report (during submit and edit)
  • added ability to set a global timeout variable to log users out due to inactivity
  • added terms and conditions and privacy policy content to now be pulled from repository
  • added latex cleaning code to radeditor clean check code
  • when sending a person to person private message, an email reminder is also sent
  • added ability to clear drafts also when global admin is resetting/clearing reports
  • added ability to query events by “mobile” only, “web” only or either
  • moving azure databases to faster disk set
  • upgrading database references from ntext type to varchar(max)

Minor Release: October 6, 2016 – v12.32

  • cleaned up alignment of headers (day > location > category) on the Activity Hotspots page
  • added ability to compare two date sets to hotspots
  • added the option to add a second trend line over a date range with trend graphs
  • added alternate label table entries creation script to on-premise setup process
  • fixed bug where browsing to “next” or “previous” on a report with the refresh timer set, the page would use querystring to refresh original report rather than current report
  • fixed bug on user restrictions where selecting restrictions on sub-locations the application would error
  • fixed bug where multiple saved values for a single form object was occurring
  • fixed help page so submitted tickets now use custom SMTP setting for on-premise customers
  • fixed bug with workflows execution, forms marked as hidden could still be attached to reports, hidden forms now show in the list for both workflow triggers and actions
  • updated Clery categories

Minor Release: September 9, 2016 – v12.31

  • changed the form maintenance script to an asynchronous call for better performance
  • consolidated restriction cookies for better performance
  • made forms easier to read in view mode
  • added more Clery categories (Higher-Ed)
  • added report submitted by mobile app to search options when querying reports
  • changed “more stats” link to open in new tab on view reports page
  • fixed bug in hotspots where max date range wasn’t always returning the correct date range

Minor Release: August 11, 2016 – v12.3

(New Feature)

  • admins now have ability to change specific language around the site, headings are: location, sub-location, area / room, people, people info, witness, witness info and the option ID field associated with people and witnesses


  • fixed bug where users that had only submit report rights where unable to print their report from the confirm page during a submit confirmation, now they can
  • fixed bug where querystring on print report page could be manipulated
  • fixed bug where “assignedto” was selected as “NA” in advanced search was not returning proper result set
  • fixed bug where alert note was set but not showing correctly in workflow actions when a notification group was set to receive an alert
  • fixed issue where bookmark entries were misaligned
  • fixed issue where private messages were acting inconsistently and sometimes even crashing
  • fixed issue where during form creation or modification a multi-valued object (drop-down-list or radiobutton-list) could not be saved without at least having one value listed

Minor Release: May 23, 2016 – v12.2

(Code Optimization / new features)

  • added ability to save a report as a draft without having to submit it
  • added ability to refresh specific pages automatically
  • increased options of rows for evaluating activity hotspots
  • updated reminders so clearing the “days” textbox removes the reminder
  • added individual report alerts that tie to notification groups
  • upgraded the ability to follow reports and receive alerts/updates
  • added ability to search reports for specific people and action events in an action period (stale date range) using event filters in the advanced search
  • follower added to advanced search and activity hotspots
  • follower text is able to be custom set

(Cosmetic/UI enhancements)

  • cleaned up displayed text on activity hotspot list
  • resized PDF and PRINT report screens to be larger font size
  • cleaned up feature buttons around the site to be more prominent
  • cleaned up bulletin board for cleaner viewing, fixed issue where edit html box was too large for the viewing area


  • fixed bug where ‘system’ was misspelled in certain automatically generated private messages
  • fixed issue where incorrect tooltip text was appearing various places on the importing data page
  • fixed bug where importing LDAP accounts from an LDAP group weren’t applying append or label rights under certain scenarios
  • corrected issue where the ‘label’ user right was not being applied during the user import process from excel (non LDAP)
  • fixed bug where an excel export of reports from the view reports grid was showing restricted reports
  • fixed bug where a workflow was not being disabled when one of the triggers was set to evaluate a report author who had been deleted from the system
  • fixed bug when under certain circumstances a user was unable to set their language preference
  • fixed bug where workflow history details may display wrong or causes a page crash when customers date format is EU
  • fixed bug where multivalue sort option was showing during form setup for the HTML TextBox object.
  • removed ‘insert external image’ option from HTML textbox to avoid end user confusion
  • fixed bug where category names were not properly binding to subcategories in workflow rules due to trimming long category names
  • fixed bug where subcategories or sublocations might not be expanded in the workflow triggers settings when a parent category or location was selected
  • fixed bug where duration total was not updating correctly during a report edit

Minor Release: March 6, 2016 – v12.1


  • fixed issue where announcement date validation was incorrectly being calculated during announcement creation
  • fixed issue where “duration” unit shows on hotspots despite duration being off and no legacy duration entries existing
  • fixed bug that allowed users without access to a report to print or PDF it during a mass print or PDF call to all reports in the grid from the main reports page
  • fixed bug where only first Location trigger was evaluated during a workflow execution
  • added community bulletin board back into the mix (disabled link for now)
  • fixed issue where clicking on “return to login page” from the Lost Password page was generating a bad-url error
  • fixed bug where report with no event history could not be deleted
  • fixed bug where autocomplete was not always getting a correct person or witness match on the submit report page
  • fixed bug where deleted reports would show in the event logs could cause load times to be very long
  • fixed issue where form edit log created during a report edit was showing the changes out of order on the confirmation page
  • fixed bug when a report contained multiple forms (each with an image map), clicking on one of the image maps would remove any selected points from the others
  • fixed bug where some event logs were incorrectly being deleted during routine maintenance
  • fixed bug where assignment alert would improperly show on the full report page when assigning a report to a user with only “my report” view rights
  • fixed bug where page would freeze after deleting a workflow
  • fixed bug where including a Report Body search in the advanced search on the Reports and Analytics page the simple search criteria was ignored
  • fixed bug where during a report edit, if the report contained an image map, the save process would error

(Code Optimization / new features)

  • improved scheduled tasks to be more reliable, now using powershell script
  • removed the ‘pop up’ report feature from the main reports grid (still active though on my reports), now clicking on a report opens it in a new tab
  • changed algorithm for generating an excel export of reports, this is now an on-demand action
  • changed email process to resolve connection issues.
  • changed smtp delivery port to recommended and added TXT record to domain for better email reliability
  • removed the popup to show a full report write up when the length is greater than 4000 characters.  The new limit is 8000 and the full text is shown permanently for the during of the page life cycle when that option is selected. Same for report edit logs

(Cosmetic/UI enhancements)

  • added meta tag in master pages to try to help with IE compatibility issues
  • improved the report confirm screen readability
  • fixed ‘my reports’ report pop-out alignment
  • fixed deleted report log to not run long across the screen but rather to enclose in a scrollable div
  • fixed issue where PDF of a report with multiple forms with multiple image maps were misaligned
  • fixed issue when exporting reports to excel leading zeros are cut off of cells
  • improved html text editor so it removes unwanted formatting upon pasting content from other sources

Major Release: December 22, 2015 – v12.0


  • fixed workflow bug where ‘last event’ log was incorrectly showing actions
  • fixed bug where alert for user not having access to a report was still showing on the report page
  • fixed bug where original author trigger wasn’t properly evaluated when a workflow executed
  • fixed bug where quick append note was failing to execute a workflow check when send original author alerts were turned on
  • fixed bug where my reports page icon showing attachments was not rendering
  • fixed issue where non-edited appended notes where logging as being edited
  • fixed bug where user could edit a report that they may not have access to view under a very rare circumstance
  • recent reports was not applying restriction settings against administrators, this is fixed. Administrators are not exempt from restrictions
  • fixed issue so a user without any view rights could still see assigned to reports, if assignments were on
  • fixed issue where some user rights access, such as editing a report assigned to a user without view rights, were not correctly showing
  • fixed issue where PDF generation of a Report would not include “duration” units
  • fixed issue where user assigned a report may not be able to change the assignment or status under certain circumstances
  • fixed bug where users could not set report assignment to unassigned on individual report page
  • fixed issue where when trying to load a deleted Bulletin Board thread would cause an error, now redirects back to the bulletin board landing page
  • fixed bug where PDF report generation was not viable from the my reports page dropdown in report grid
  • fixed bug where when an LDAP user attempted to verify their current password while updating their account info the check would fail
  • fixed bug where when loading a saved search containing a date range the results would not always display properly
  • fixed a bug where LDAP users might be permitted to allow a force password action against them, which shouldn’t be the case as LDAP handles all authentication
  • fixed bug where excel file creation for all report downloads might not always be maintained regularly
  • fixed bug where page titles would still show product name even when white labeling was turned on
  • fixed issue on the printing multiple forms page the proper style sheet was not inheriting
  • fixed bug where priority change was being ignored in stale date calculation when executing unattended stale-dated work flows
  • fixed bug where when searching for reports across dates sometimes a report one day above the max date range would be included in the search results
  • fixed issue where LDAP synchronized user could request a password change through Incident Tracker (LDAP account passwords are not handled inside of Incident Tracker)
  • fixed issue where when unread private message count changed due to reading a private message the top right alert area became mis-aligned
  • fixed bug where when removing a person or witness from the list during a report submit or a report edit would lock up the page
  • fixed issue where report edit log might have badly formed div or span tags and effect other javascript actions on the page
  • fixed issue where when editing a report and a date formatted textbox was in an embedded form, but the textbox was optional that a check did not run requiring its value to be date formatted if its contents were blank

(CODE OPTIMIZATION / new features)

  • added forms as triggers and actions for workflows
  • added ability to stitch multiple forms in a single report together to print as one (useful when breaking a bigger form into smaller sections for workflow purposes)
  • adding customization for “unit measure” in reports, aka duration, time, distance, etc… with an associated unit like hr, count, mile
  • optmized code for checking items in report grid on my reports page
  • adding the ability to add a “unit measure” during an append and show the report total
  • changed file attachments viewable to document center to only be accessible by admins
  • added new user right “label” – to allow for priority, status and assignment changes
  • expanded LDAP options to allow for more rights to be set during a mass sync of users from a group
  • user with view only access can now set personal reminders, print, email or PDF a report
  • original report author alerts are now blocked if author is restricted from report
  • added bookmarks for reports and bulletin board threads
  • added EU date format to be displayed for date stamps around the site
  • added ajax update panel to the account edit, recent reports box out and shoutbox (faster response)
  • cleaned up a few areas where time stamps and other events were not always using the clients clock
  • now when a user asks for an Incident Tracker account password change due to a lost password issue, they will be forced to change their password after they log in with the temporary one.
  • consolidated checking time stamp events for consistency

(COSMETIC/UI enhancements)

  • cleaned up workflow notices
  • when cloning forms locally the form now properly loads in the drop-down immediately after showing the new cloned form
  • added stale-dated workflow execution histories
  • added titles/tooltips to main menu options
  • now appended notes entry count is shown in the report
  • activity hotspot now shows the ‘measurement unit’ sometimes referred to as ‘duration’ along with report count
  • added date picker to date formatted text boxes
  • added append and label rights to the Rights summary dropdown on the admin view/edit user accounts page
  • cleaned up user rights explanation and settings
  • formatted user rights matrix and settings in control panel to better reflect inherited rights
  • cleaned up bulletin board formatting
  • added showing report ID on specific form when in printable format
  • added bootstrap elements to design
  • replaced tooltips with bootstrap friendly versions
  • updated style sheets with more modern version of fonts and icons

Minor Release: November 13, 2015 – v11.2

  • (UI) Cleaned up form assignment page to make it more readable, now hidden forms are shown in red
  • (UI) Removed redundant event log when report is emailed upon demand
  • (UI) Linked the save button onpress event with the reminder setting inputs on the “my reports” page to mimic the functionality on the view all reports page
  • (UI) Fixed issue where a prompt would appear warning that a user was not able to see an assigned report when that was not correct
  • (UI) Improved readability for when workflows are turned off globally and individually
  • (UI) Minimized duplicate report history events from logging when a workflow or report reminders executes “similar” tasks
  • (UI) Added ability to select/deselect entire group of users when mass importing accounts from LDAP
  • (UI) Added ability to select/deselect entire set of locations or categories when setting user restrictions
  • (UI) Tips have been added
  • (bug) Fixed issue where when editing a report occasionally a saved form would appear twice in the report
  • (bug) Fixed issue where workflow rules won’t not always execute when trigger was: assignments not set with no status or no priority
  • (bug) Fixed issue where alert or PM created when a workflow rule executed did not properly reflect any changes to a priority
  • (bug) Fixed bug where when a priority was changed the notice sent didn’t properly explain the priority change
  • (bug) Fixed issue where non-workflow events where being logged a workflow events in some cases
  • (bug) Fixed bug where recurring report reminders may not always be firing
  • (bug) Fixed issue where day interval gathered from time stamp for recurring reminders or recurring stale-dated workflows wasn’t always showing precisely
  • (bug) Fixed bug where LDAP account syncing would bring over an incorrect email address
  • (bug) Fixed issue where workflow location triggers were not always showing when loading the workflow
  • (bug) Fixed issue where stale date calculation on the advanced search didn’t match the criteria used to execute a stale dated workflow
  • (code) Added three new triggers to workflows, one new action, and added the ability to add a note to a workflow action alert. New triggers are: Report Priority, Report Author and Report Actor. Now Triggers can be set based on the state of the priority, who the original author of the report is, and who the actor is.
  • (code) Expanded quick edit options on the view reports grid: added quick append, quick email, quick print, quick pdf & quick delete
  • (code) Reworked stale day search option in advanced search to more precisely show stale dated events based on users 24 hour clock
  • (code) Stale date non-edit action workflows are now executed smartly, not re-applying actions that are already applied and detailing that in any associated alerts
  • (code) Improved report reminder and workflow stale date execution reliability
  • (code) Added ability for on-premise customers to create a windows scheduled task to run report reminders and workflow stale date execution un-attended on a regular schedule
  • (code) Introduced cloud base form cloning

Major Release: October 2, 2015 – v11.0

  • (UI) added ability to search on reports when they contained a form or any set of selected forms
  • (UI) added ability to search for NOT states in the view reports advanced search for: attachments, edit history and contained forms
  • (UI) added mouse over cosmetic to report options on report page
  • (UI) redesigned event log to show email recipients list in a more readable fashion
  • (UI) cleaned up language on the delete report notice
  • (UI) allow users to select to show graphs (or not) by default when landing on view reports page
  • (UI) created a more minimalist view on the view reports page to allow more reports to be seen by default with option to reset to older view as well
  • (UI) fixed issues where run-on text of consecutive characters would run off the page: announcements, shouts, reports, posts, event logs, forms etc…
  • (UI) redesigned the recent reports module to show the report ID and allow for more options (edit, print, and pdf)
  • (UI) replaced “edit” icons around the site
  • (UI) realigned edit box, when editing a post in the bulletin board
  • (code) changed autocomplete and auto match for people and witnesses to use imported list first then look at legacy report matches second, when an imported list has been uploaded and enabled
  • (code) removed server.execute calls for scraping report data, using more efficient .net classes for content scraping
  • (code) added image maps to forms
  • (code) added data analysis for heat mapping clicks on image maps for forms
  • (code) optimized cleanup script on _home.aspx page (no longer looks for a dummy file to remove)
  • (code) re-optimized email scripts where report is embedded (now run asynchronously to improve performance), note reports showing image maps are sent as attached PDF files to ensure integrity of the image
  • (code) applied “append” right by default when a view right is provided to accounts mass imported using LDAP sync tool from an Active Directory group
  • (code) optimized view reports grid so when large file attachments are present they are hidden until called for by user
  • (code) re-optimized report attachment uploads so .png, .jpg and .gif image uploads are optimized before saving.  re-optimized legacy attachments as well.
  • (code) added new event to capture when a report PDF is generated
  • (code) now entire shout content is captured when generating a shout created or deleted event log
  • (bug) fixed issue where form could not be removed once validation of its data failed during submit or edit process
  • (bug) fixed issue where form would remain shown in selection dropdown after it was removed from the report
  • (bug) fixed issue where autocomplete matches returned duplicate entries
  • (bug) fixed issue where when a checkbox value was changed during a report edit of a form the change log did not correctly display the checkbox name
  • (bug) fixed issue where certain date specific queries would not execute in the view reports page
  • (bug) fixed issue where report description length (as an integer) was being appended to the report description in the recent reports module
  • (bug) fixed issue with report email alert not being sent when a user with only submit rights submitted a report that triggered an alert
  • (bug) fixed issues where report reminders would not send if workflows were turned off

Minor Release: August 26, 2015 – v10.57

  • (bug) fixed issue where when retrieving info from an imported names list for person/witness the process would not complete due to a high number of names in the list
  • (bug) fixed an issue where the export to excel button on the view reports page would not activate
  • (bug) fixed issue where an event change log was not completely captured during a user account edit process
  • (bug) fixed issue in Internet Explorer where notes may not be able to be appended to reports
  • (bug) fixed issue in Internet Explorer where advanced searches on large text area fields in forms might not be saved
  • (bug) fixed issue where wrong report was selected for an edit or print function when browsing previous/next from the individual report page.
  • (code) added a silent process to store the complete report set in an excel file as a background process so when called on demand from the admin control panel the file is present immediately and is no longer generated at run time

Minor Release: August 6, 2015 – v10.55

  • (bug) fixed bug where person/witness auto-completed search results would not return “info” when IDs were turned on but no ID was supplied
  • (bug) fixed issue where user feedback for appending a report was present on the next report opened
  • (bug) fixed bug where if a user was assigned a report but then assignments were turned off the assigned user still assumed EDIT rights for the report
  • (UI) remove the community posts display sections
  • (UI) removed the space allotment graph and info from the control panel
  • (UI) made the “click for more options” clickable space bigger on the view reports grid
  • (UI) allow for virtual directory names to be up to 16 characters in length (increased from 12)
  • (code) added an “APPEND” right for users. Now users with this right have the explicit ability to add file attachments or append notes to reports they would not have EDIT rights for
  • (code) changed how form data is rendered when exporting reports to excel

Minor Release: July 28, 2015 – v10.54

  • (UI) users who are assigned a report but either no longer exist or do not have access to view the report are now shown via warning icons and tool-tip comments (only visible for admins)
  • (UI) during a report assignment on the full Report page if a user tries to assign a Report to another user who doesn’t have rights to view the report (due to a global rights issue) a warning is displayed. Note: Category and Location restrictions are overridden when a user is assigned a report. users assigned reports assume “Edit” Rights for that report.
  • (UI) fixed a small image glitch where an icon would remain visible on the Report page when it should be hidden
  • (code) only admins can now see assignment notes (warnings, tips)
  • (UI) fixed issue where in certain cases a Form placeholder would render on Reports that did not contain forms

Minor Release: July 9, 2015 – v10.51 – v10.53

  • (bug) fixed issue where report attachments were not being emailed during a report email event
  • (code) added ability to set global password enforcement rules, now all accounts can be forced to change passwords on specific time intervals
  • (code) added ability to view a snap shot of user restrictions as related to Locations or Categories
  • (code) users restricted from reports (by categories or locations) now have access if they are assigned to the report
  • (UI) streamlined mark up on the view reports grid
  • (UI) updates to user rights and restrictions are now automatically reflected in the user rights matrix

Minor Release: May 1, 2015 – v10.5

  • (UI) Advanced search queries can now be saved and set as a default search when page loads.
  • (UI) moved ‘export reports’ option to summary panel on view reports page.
  • (UI) selecting heat map option from view reports page will now load in a new tab.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where forms would occasionally be misaligned and offset to the left.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where clery locations were being ignored in advanced search.

Minor Release: March 28, 2015 – v10.4

  • (UI) Added Priority label to Reports (can be manually set).
  • (UI) Added new response and tweak to design of the view reports grid.
  • (UI) Current view of report grid can be exported to an excel file assuming less than 1,000 records are showing (for admins only).
  • (UI) added ‘stale days’ information to the Report view.
  • (UI) cleaned up appended notes view on Reports.
  • (UI) now, when editing or printing a report the action opens in a new browser tab.
  • (UI) Report can now be opened fully from the grid view. Previously this action caused the user browse away from the grid and position would be lost.
  • (code) added ability to search on “NOT” states for report assignments and labels in the advanced search.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue with logs where certain events were not appearing.
  • (bug fix) fixed an issue where the rights to view or edit reports were not consistent across different report views.
  • (bug fix) fixed an issue where when the clery count is set to 0 the entry is removed instead of remaining with a count of 0 showing.
  • (bug fix) fixed an issue where when re-sorting the report grid after running an advanced search the sort would not execute.

Minor Release and Rollup: March 9, 2015 – v10.3

  • This includes minor patches from update 10.2
  • (UI) Report Reminders added: now users can set reminders to review a report.
  • (UI) Workflows added: Rules can be built to allow for automated Report actions to execute.
  • (UI) Report time lines now show current stale date for the Report.
  • (UI) Forms that contain objects with multi-values (like a drop-down-list) can be sorted alphabetically or by the order entered.
  • (UI) Upgraded various icons for better readability in the advanced search panel.
  • (UI) Redesigned sms messaging alert titles for better consistency.
  • (UI) adjusted z-index value of main menu so it never becomes obscured.
  • (UI) report timelines now show the event day markers time gap from todays date as well.
  • (code) Optimized code to check for duplicate report submission.
  • (code) The ‘Write up’ section of a Report is now optional when a form is filled out.
  • (code) When an Alert is triggered, now when possible a Private Message is also created to the recipient.
  • (code) Added the ability to search on report stale day status in the advanced search.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where when toggling to full screen in the editor did not work.
  • (bug fix) fixed IE bug with postbacks not saving editor contents.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where a crash might occur when exporting reports to excel.
  • (bug fix) fixed a bug where Recent Reports might show duplicate Reports under some circumstances.
  • (bug fix) When a user is deleted and assigned Reports, those reports now default back to unassigned.
  • (bug fix) Report Timeline now correctly updates during a status, assignment or reminder change.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where some event logs were not being created.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where category stats would not show correct results when an advanced search included searching appended info (such as when the search included the body of the report).

Minor Release: Dec 11, 2014 – v10.1

  • (UI) cleaned up form display for text that show in textboxes.
  • (UI) report tools dropdownlist hover control stands out more on report page.
  • (UI) when an image is attached to a report it shows in a popup panel when possible.
  • (UI) cleared up text explaining when files can be attached during report submission.
  • (UI) “add to search” button on advanced search when searching for form data is no longer hidden in some cases.
  • (UI) optimized private message UI for clearing PM content and/or users selected.
  • (UI) cleaned up alerts section: and made it more clear on how to use cell phone text message capabilities.
  • (code) added a html editor control to forms.
  • (code) optimized form objects and display.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where when cloning forms object values for multi-value objects might not clone correctly.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where when cloning forms some cosmetic attributes were not cloning for rows or column objects.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where statuses with same name could co-exist.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where email alert settings for a deleted email group may show a blank alert setting or store the deleted group ID.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where report histories would load for restricted reports.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where recent reports usercontrol would loop needlessly when no valid reports were available.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where protected twitter feeds would crash the page.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where oversubscribing the CPU could cause duplicate reports to be submitted.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where searching on forms would cut off due to z-index issue.

Major Release: Oct 30, 2014 – v10.0

  • (UI) Report Timeline redesigned to show Day X events with time elapsed also shown.
  • (UI) Fixed skin on ‘delete documents’ button in Document Center.
  • (UI) Report Page interface overhauled to provide a cleaner more structured look.
  • (UI) Can now print a Report Timeline individually.
  • (UI) Can now print an Event Log individually.
  • (UI) Can now aggregately print or PDF multiple reports from the main reports page.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue with report ids re-seeding when customer requests mass deletion of reports.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where all rows would not toggle back to closed on the main reports view.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where report settings would not all correctly load/reset when moving to previous or next report from the report view page.
  • (bug fix) fixed z-index issue where report timelines were not stacking correctly on the main reports page when multiple timelines were opened (new ones would be hidden).
  • (bug fix) emailed reports now show statuses and assignments (if enabled).
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where assigning a report would not always log the assigned person in the event log correctly from the ‘My Reports’ page.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where browser would crash when exporting a large amounts of Reports to excel.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where report timeline would show the first event incorrectly when no original time-stamp of creation was present.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where the actual Report ID was not showing in an event notice (instead the generic text ‘Report #ID’ was showing as a placeholder).
  • (code) added more maintenance scripts (available only via the global database admin tool).
  • (code) added FORMS. Now customers can duplicate a paper form and embed it into a report with live, searchable data.
  • (code) a view of a report is now a universal design. When a report is emailed, logged, PDF’d or printed it will look consistent.
  • (code) Report timeline load now at run-time and toggles instantly using scripting (in view reports and my reports).
  • (code) If ‘white label’ is on then the notice in emails that says ‘Thank You From the Incident Tracker team’ is removed.
  • (code) Added new Clery Categories: Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking.
  • (code) Added a new option to allow Clery Data to be shown in reports when it cannot be verified that an Admin is viewing the report (typically when emailing a Report).
  • (code) Optimized load time on the main view reports page for when more than 20,000 reports are in the query. Now the summary graph only loads on demand, cutting down on overall load time.
  • (code) Optimized the view reports grid to load through pagination faster and fully sort all results when the column header is sorted.
  • (code) Generic ‘body’ search in advanced search will now also search any appended text for wildcard matches.
  • (code) Upgraded .PDF generation tool to newest version.

Minor Release: September 16, 2014 – v9.31

  • (bug fix) primary key re-optimized on reporting database. Report IDs now sequence correctly again.

Minor Release: August 17, 2014 – v9.3

  • (UI) streamlined UI for Location Alerts and Category Alerts.
  • (UI) cleaned up the UI for manage categories and locations.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where Locations or Categories set for alerts were not showing in red text.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where description field during report submit was disappearing in special cases when using Internet Explorer upon postback.
  • (bug fix) fixed link in footer for ‘what’s new’ to point to the right site.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where heat maps produced incorrect results when categories and subcategories were joined.
  • (code) Database server cluster optimized and upgraded.

Minor Release: July 20, 2014 – v9.2

  • (UI) fixed notice when deleting a user to read properly regarding how the deleted users email address is handled if in a distribution list.
  • (UI) replaced HTML editor with an improved solution.
  • (UI) added ‘fullscreen toggle’ mode option for template creation.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where page position would be lost when using chrome and committing a post back action.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where person or witness ID field was not showing up in the export reports excel file.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where client date was not setting properly on the default Incident Date entry in step 1 of submitting a report.
  • (code) added an event for when a heatmap data excel file was downloaded.

Minor Release: June 22, 2014 – v9.1

  • (UI) fixed several typos.
  • (UI) when ID is enabled for people or witnesses and the ID is edited this action is correctly noted in the edit report log.
  • (UI) fixed issue where when changing the column sort order on the view reports page the icon indicating sort direction would not show correctly.
  • (UI) fixed issue where email notification groups would not always show all applicable alerts for the group.
  • (UI) fixed issue where Locations selected for alerts were not rendering in red font.
  • (UI) cleaned up UI on the announcements page.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where excel file templates that show in the importing data sections would not download.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where when sub-locations or rooms were selected in the Location Alert section and save was clicked a prompt would say ‘nothing was selected’.
  • (code) added heat maps that allow grouping of data points to be analyzed.
  • (code) added password complexity rules.
  • (code) added ability to force users to change password and for new accounts upon creation to be forced to change password on first login.
  • (code) optimized email alert page code.

Major Release: March 12, 2014 – v9.0

  • (code) Added more rss feed types.
  • (code) ‘login’ and ‘passwords’ fields changed to allow for more characters (20).
  • (code) Added more validation checks to help prevent issues with non-standard characters causing minor issues.
  • (code) Improved system integrity check, more data relations are cleaned during the process.
  • (code) Improved the reliability of the script that captures text-based changes during a report edit.
  • (code) Applied patch to databases to remove depreciated data structure types.
  • (code) A default template can now be selected, so each new report opens with the template pre-populated in the report body.
  • (code) Templates can now be assigned to categories and subcategories. Now when a category is checked which is linked to a template, that template will automatically load in the body of the report.
  • (code) Documents spool in intervals of 15 now for faster response.
  • (code) Added several user-specific features: users can select how they want bulletin board posts to show (newest first or original posts first), how many posts to see per page, how many topics to see per view and how many reports to see per page (on the report view page). These selections are remembered now and are persistent across sessions.
  • (code) ‘text’ in the body of a report is now searchable.
  • (code) Report Assignments have been added.
  • (code) Added the ability to have site users to be batch imported into the system as well as locations.
  • (code) All attempts to send emails are now logged (success or failure) – even if the email was system generated.
  • (code) Location alerts have been added.
  • (code) When a user’s email address is altered all references to it are updated as well.
  • (code) Added ability to prune shouts.
  • (code) Added the ability to set a ‘duration’ for a report, the unit is hours.
  • (code) If duration is enabled, an aggregate of hours will be shown in the bottom right hand area of the report grid, for reports being shown.
  • (code) If duration is enabled, the trending graph can be toggled to shown duration in the Y axis as opposed to only showing category count in the Y axis.
  • (code) Fixed the top 10 list in the control panel; added the ability to see more than 10 and can now also see top assigned people (if assignments are turned on).
  • (UI) Fixed issue where the ajax progress notice was occasionally slightly misaligned.
  • (UI) Fixed buttons on the bulletin board page so they don’t run on to two lines.
  • (UI) Resized html space allotted to show category and subcategory names, so they never run on two lines.
  • (UI) Now when removing a user’s restrictions rights the change is reflected in the UI immediately.
  • (UI) When a user edits their name the change is reflected in the UI immediately.
  • (UI) Long document names are now abbreviated (hover over shows entire name).
  • (UI) When a report is referenced in a Private Message, it is now a clickable link which takes the reader of the PM directly to the report.
  • (UI) Improved usability of managing categories and subcategories in the control panel.
  • (UI) Improved usability when emailing a report. Now users can be selected to add to the email list or an entire distribution list can be selected by clicking “more options”.
  • (UI) Template sections can now be set as read-only.
  • (UI) When deleting a user, if the user’s email was in a distribution list a warning is prompted asking if the email is to be removed from any lists or not.
  • (UI) When building email distribution lists, users can now be selected. If a user’s email is in a list a notice shows that now as well.
  • (UI) Improved readability of the user edit page.
  • (UI) Advanced search usability and readability has been improved.
  • (UI) Report attachments are now shown in a cleaner grid view.
  • (UI) Appended information to reports now reads more like a blog in structure.
  • (UI) Locations can now be shown in either alphabetical order or in a pre-defined order when shown on the submit report page.
  • (UI) Improved readability and UI of the trending graph.
  • (UI) Added the ability to see a report timeline in the report grid.
  • (UI) If statuses are enabled a summary of all report statuses is shown above the report grid now and the individual statuses are clickable. When clicked all reports of the clicked status are shown.
  • (bug fix) HTML Editor control updated to newest version (corrected IE bug).
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where free space available wasn’t calculating precise enough.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where the client could delete all categories or locations. Now at least one must always exist.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where when certain advanced search queries were performed nothing would happen.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where certain characters in category or subcategory names prohibited alerts from being triggered.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issues with some characters causing an execution error when a filter was applied for certain data views.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue where the system email showed an incorrect link to the site.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where after creating the first email distribution list and tabbing over to create a rule the list wasn’t showing.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where an event log was being generated for an rssfeed change even when no change actually occurred.
  • (bug fix) Applied an aggregate fix to various trending graph issues, most notably: trending graph was not exporting correctly to excel when clery data was graphed.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the template drop down list in the control panel would reset and possibly show the wrong template name after a save.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the last administrator in a system could be deleted. Now always one admin must exist.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the shouts to show would be reset to 5 when a new shout was made.

Major Release: Nov 3, 2013 – v8.0

  • (code) Added new custom email lists to be used for new notification conditions.
  • (code) The User Rights matrix in the control panel is now up-datable instead of read only.
  • (code) Report categories now have sub-categories.
  • (code) Trending graphs can now be exported to Excel.
  • (code) Newest version of Fusion Charts was implemented for graphing.
  • (code) Each Report now shows a history of all actions that have occurred to that Report.
  • (code) During the creation of an Account now the admin has the option to send an email to the new user with their login information.
  • (UI) Clery data is now shown in the email sent when a report is deleted when the Report contained Clery data.
  • (UI) When the body of a Report is edited the changes between the original Report body and edited Report body are highlighted in red in the edit log.
  • (UI) Category order of appearance in the Report form can now be manually set or set to appear alphabetically.
  • (UI) Users selected to receive a private message now appear in red during a PM creation.
  • (UI) Categories (and subcategories) selected in a Report appear in red in the Report form.
  • (UI) When pruning he Bulletin Board now the administrator is prompted with a message showing how many posts would be deleted before proceeding.
  • (bug fix) Fixed various issues with the Twitter Feeds not working due to new API release.
  • (bug fix) Fixed various issues with custom RSS feeds not rendering.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the document repository panel expands larger than the viewing area when attaching files to announcements.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where last person to change a report status doesn’t always appear.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the document repository navigation would error when toggling between directories.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where no icon appears for for power point files in the document repository.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where shouts longer than 255 characters would error.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug that would cause a random error when a user database was attempting to be uploaded.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where toggling reports back to ‘close all’ doesn’t work in the view reports grid.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the attachments panel would still appear after the last attachment for a Report was removed.
  • (bug fix) Report ‘date of Incident’ can no longer be set in the future.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug when sorting Reports by the column headings some associated information with a report would not be visible.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where the toggle options for ‘pie’ ‘bar’ or ‘none’ for the snapshot graphs on the view reports page would not work.
  • (bug fix) Users can no longer see Reports in the ‘recent report’ preview panel if their access is restricted.
  • (bug fix) Fixed a bug where when a Report location was altered during an edit the main location would include the sub-location and the room (if one was chosen).
  • (bug fix) Now users who are restricted from seeing Reports based on Categories or Locations will not receive any email alerts regarding these Reports.

Minor Release: Nov 10, 2012 – v7.4

  • (UI) added ability to restrict report access by user based on either locations or categories.
  • (UI) enhanced interface for Documents (now documents can be emailed directly from the interface).
  • (UI) enhanced the interface for managing Locations.
  • (UI) categories now show in the report preview grid and users can now set how many rows to show per page (with a 200 report cap).
  • (UI) added integrity question check when changing Locations. Now the admin is prompted to set how Location name changes affect legacy reports.
  • (UI) improved readability of the bulletin board and added the ability to customize posts per page to view.
  • (UI) added stronger CAPTCHA to the community message board.
  • (UI) added a ‘user rights’ matrix for viewing a snapshot of all current user rights applied.
  • (UI) added the wiki page link to the main menu for all users.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where optional ID field was pulling incorrect or incomplete data at times depending on person/witness integrity setting.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where under certain circumstances during an advanced query “category” selection was ignored.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where incorrect historical data may be retrieved when “search on person” was done from submit report screen when multiple IDs were found.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where comments posted to an announcement were ordered incorrectly.

Minor Release: May 30, 2012 – v7.31

  • (code) added code to optimize document center functionality
  • (UI) fixed issue where hover over expand option was not suppressed on recent report summary panel for reports with very small summaries.
  • (UI) changed it so when “–no data found–” is presented when a person or witness is searched on that that text is NOT saved when the report is submitted.
  • (UI) alternate labels added.
  • (UI) Fixed broken image links in community board.
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug where “day” was showing incorrectly when a reports event date was changed.
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug where storage usage was being slightly miscalculated (rounding error).
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug in community board when an anonymous visitor did not supply a full name.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue with changing a report ‘status’ in the report grid caused by an event propagation (bubbling) issue.

Minor Release: April 8, 2012 – v7.3

  • (code) added additional layer of security for documents.
  • (code) added ability to use a vanity domain name in email delivery to solve some issues with internal firewalls blocking email.
  • (code) added better data integrity tools to deal with category renaming.
  • (code) added ability for site admins to turn on report “change” notifications for original report author.
  • (UI) added a “community” section for Incident Tracker users to share information.
  • (UI) emailed reports now show both date of submittal and date of incident
  • (UI) stats page renders faster now.
  • (UI) can manage Twitter setting right in the twitter feed page in the control panel now.
  • (UI) report edit log layout issue fixed.
  • (UI) event activity log in the control panel is now clickable showing entire event.
  • (UI) fusion charts now do not obstruct page, their z-index sets properly now.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where status color on reports grid wouldn’t render after status change if first action after page load.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where facebook link disappears after page postback.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where when setting status options for the first time in the control panel the color settings would not save.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where template drop down box was resetting to default after a postback event on the submit report page.

Minor Release: Feb 5, 2012 – v7.2

  • (code) document center correctly orders folders in both treeview and right side pane.
  • (UI) report edit logs more visible (popup method retired).
  • (UI) during report edit when a location is set when none existed before the language is correctly displayed in the event log.
  • (UI) in the report grid view the entire row is clickable to open to more details except when other clickable data is present.
  • (bug fix) badly formed rssfeed bug fixed.
  • (bug fix) pager suppressed when not needed on reports grid.
  • (bug fix) redirect to “my reports” page now links to correct url in all cases.
  • (bug fix) entire edit log is available for report. aka edit events stack now so entire edit history is viewable.

Minor Release: January 14, 2012 – v7.1

  • (code) ajax applied to bulletin board.
  • (UI) report snapshots in right hand bar no longer show redundant data.
  • (UI) twitter feeds can be turned off.
  • (UI) rssfeeds can be turned off or customized.
  • (UI) most recent uploaded users database is now downloadable.
  • (UI) fixed markup in areas where legacy html was still being applied.
  • (bug fix) report attachments (in document center) not sorting numerically fixed.

Major Release: January 7, 2012 – v7.0

  • (code) upgraded versions of ajax and cute editor to most recent.
  • (code) improved code for email delivery service.
  • (UI) new web 2.0 design based on 1024 px wide display.
  • (UI) industry news feeds added.
  • (UI) added ability to store and track an “ID” for persons or witnesses included in a report (optional feature).
  • (UI) improved/redesigned usability of document center (added new sorting options).
  • (UI) improved progress indicator during ajax partial postback.
  • (UI) improved readability of logs.
  • (UI) added an optional status field for reports. “Statues” can be manually built and color coded.
  • (UI) Last person to change “status” of a report is displayed.
  • (UI) improved readability of the reports grid. Now all reports can be viewed and expanded from the main view pane.
  • (UI) redid the user rights, new rights are: admin, submit reports, view all reports, edit reports, delete reports, view documents, manage documents. (this permits the ability to create a “read-only” user now.
  • (UI) multiple files can now be attached to reports.
  • (UI) replaced message of the day with threaded announcements that can accept user comments and have files attached from the document center.
  • (UI) added private messaging for users. Private messages can attach files from the document center.
  • (UI) added ability to add twitter feeds to site.
  • (bug fix) added browser specific fixes for alignments and page postback positioning.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where occasionally only first person in recipient list received an emailed report.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where some log files were incorrectly built.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where display on login page was incorrect when no reports were entered.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where in certain cases an edited report would display a change to the date even though none was made (cosmetic only).

Minor Release: January 7, 2011 – v6.3

  • (code) Application upgraded to asp.net 4.0 (from 2.0).
  • (code) added additonal error checking for date sensitive data to ensure data structure match.
  • (UI) reformatted document center layout to provide more room for file names and other cosmetic tweaks.
  • (UI) added a ‘more info’ tab when viewing trending data which shows more data on the graph.
  • (UI) fixed misalignment with pagers in message board.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where stale dated reports caused a rare date issue when querying reports.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where google chrome would not insert local clock time into time box on report submission.
  • (bug fix) fixed bug where advanced search, more stats and trending over a date range would sometimes aggregate incorrectly.
  • (bug known) autocomplete vertical misalignment on submit report page in google chrome (working to find solution).

Minor Release: July 2, 2010 – v6.1

  • (features) added ability for administrators to search site activity logs by user.
  • (UI) redesigned ajax ‘working’ status notices.
  • (code) optimized view reports page so advanced search options scale for report volume better.
  • (bug fix) ‘clear advanced search’ now properly rendering on view reports page after a search completes.

Major Release: June 20, 2010 – v6.0

  • (features) added ability to tag categories as ‘high alert’.
  • (features) added new email alert feature; now reports can be tagged as ‘high alert’ for special email alerting. Also reports can be set for alerting based on: submissions, editing, deleting or appending.
  • (features) Document Center added for filesharing.
  • (features) Report ‘Templating’ added.
  • (UI) tooltip and admin icon reworked.
  • (UI) buttons made more visible.
  • (UI) site font changed.
  • (UI) add/edit persons witnesses section of report made more user friendly.
  • (code) ajax added to locations and add persons/witnesses sections of submit/edit report.
  • (code) html editor upgraded to version 6.6.
  • (bug fix) handbook now available from control panel.
  • (bug fix) fixed issue where description field not tagged for alert when left blank during submission.

Minor Release: January 15, 2010 – v5.5

  • code optimization tweaks.
  • tool tip popup code updated; new tooltips added.
  • fixed issues with enter key press when in certain textboxes.
  • added autocomplete feature to person and witness areas during report submission and editing.
  • added ability for administrators to export reports to excel in the admin panel.

Minor Release: November 9, 2009 – v5.4

  • HTML editor upgraded to v6.5.
  • resized control on ‘Submit Report’ page to maximize space.
  • added url redirecting for legacy customers.
  • upgraded calendar control object for Opera compatibility.
  • New user Right ‘Edit’ added. Now users assigned with this right can edit reports. An ‘Edit Log’ is kept and viewable so other users can see when a report was last edited and who edited it and what was edited.
  • User Rights are now explained more thoroughly in a tooltip popup in the administrative control panel.
  • New email notification system implemented. Now when a Report is submitted or ‘appended to’, an email can be sent out to a custom created list of email addresses, as well as the application administrators noting the report submission or the appendage to the report.
  • Cleaned up some misaligned HTML in certain places.
  • Added tips for Opera uses for certain parts of the site that perform strangely in Opera.
  • added the word “total” to rows in the Clery Report where applicable.

Minor Release: June 25, 2009 – v5.3

  • File attachments added to reports (each report can have a file attached now for further information sharing).
  • Polling added to the Bulletin Board. Users can now build polls and view the results through the bulletin board.
  • Enhanced UI on “Submit Report” page – validation is streamlined to highlight form fields that are required but left blank by a submitter.
  • Enhanced UI on “Report Complete” page. When a report is completed all available options (such as attach file or print report) are more neatly listed into one list.
  • Report page cleaned up; now all report options (such as create pdf file, attach file, print etc…) have been moved to the upper right area of the screen.
  • “View Reports”, “My Reports” and “Event Log” grids are reworked to provide more viewing space. An attachment icon has been added to the Report grids to show when a file has been attached (hovering over icon displays file name, clicking it downloads file).
  • Handbook now online in the control panel Please note disk capacity for attachments now shown in the left hand menu in the control panel.

Minor Release: Nov. 30, 2008 – v5.2

  • Trending Reporting added.
  • Trending is now available from the “View Reports” page.
  • Trend by individual category frequency or total report frequency Trend by: day, week, month or year intervals over an unlimited time frame.
  • Auto-Complete added When entering a person, witness or reporters name, in any textbox, auto complete will search your database and return matches.

Minor Release: Aug 4, 2008 – v5.1

  • Clery module.
  • Clery data added to reports.
  • Clery report automatically generated as: .pdf, htm or as live web link.
  • Clery categories, locations, hate crime searchable.
  • .pdf generation of reports added.
  • Added location and category to emailed reports.
  • Tooltips added and updated.

Major Release: Mar 1, 2008 – v5.0

  • All stored data is now time stamped based on the users computer clock time.
  • Now when an event is logged or a report is filed the time is captured from the users computer providing a more reliable method for accurately evaluating time sensitive information.
  • Users now have the ability to retrieve a lost password without relying on site administrators.
  • Users can edit their own account information and select their own site color theme.
  • New streamlined interface for creating custom queries for viewing reports.
  • The user interface has been enhanced for the users viewing experience.
  • HTML editor upgrade.
  • Javascript enhancements provide the user with faster response times.
  • Tooltip upgrade.
  • Flash charting upgrade provides a cleaner look with a faster load time.

Minor Release: Nov 21, 2006 – v4.1

  • All entry textboxes upgraded to handle HTML properly.
  • Non administrators can now view, print and append to their own reports by accessing the “My Reports” menu option.
  • New feature in the Control panel allows administrators to view site activity.
  • Improved tools to control how you want to control locations entered for incidents.
  • Icons re-designed to enhance user interface.
  • New quick report summary in the control panels shows you who is filing the most incidents and who is being reported the most.
  • Improved view reports query allows administrators to more easily location specific incident reports.

Releases have been archived – v1.0 through v4.0