Update History

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    Minor Update: May 20, 2024 – v2.0.1

    Minor bug fixes and optimizations

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    Major Release: February 26, 2024 – v2.0.0

    Microsoft Graph Group Sync, Redactions, Firewall security rules
    New versioning

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    Minor Release: August 23, 2023 – v19.1

    Minor bug fixes and optimizations

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    Major Release: April, 26 2023 – v19.0

    added option for "Sign in with Google" to authentication process

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    Minor Release: August 23, 2022 – v18.8

    Minor bug fixes and optimizations

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    Minor Release: April 5, 2022 - v18.7

    changed the login import process to provide better feedback of all import issues

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    Minor Release: December 15, 2021 - v18.6

    added ability to require sublocation field

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    Minor Release: August 17, 2021 - v18.5

    added code to allow the "status date" (date of the most recent status change) to be exported via the custom export excel tool in the admin area

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    Minor Release: March 19, 2021 - v18.4

    updated how the password retrieval process works

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    Minor Release: Nov 12, 2020 - v18.3

    added tool for admins to export user list

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    Minor Release: April 3, 2020 - v18.2

    enhanced renaming of "incident" or "report" to another label, i.e. "ticket" or "claim" or "issue" etc...

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    Major Release: January 5, 2020 - v18.0 and v18.1

    improved time-out performance (so inactive TABs will not time-out users)

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    Minor Release: September 17, 2019 - v17.22

    added ability to set workflow email alert action to the "report author"

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    Minor Release: August 18, 2019 - v17.21

    made a change so when LDAP group info is pulled via the LDAP webservice. The user attributes are collected properly in all cases now.

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    Minor Release: June 27, 2019 - v17.2

    added ability to allow custom content to be added to the top of each page

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    Minor Release: May 5, 2019 - v17.11

    bug fixes and optimizations

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    Major Release: February 14, 2019 - v17.0

    added option to disable showing FORMS on the view reports page (for better performance)

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    Minor Release: October 13, 2018 - v16.6

    bug fixes and improvements

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    Minor Release: July 5, 2018 - v16.5

    various bug fixes and performance improvements

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    Major Release: February 13, 2018 - v16.0

    section 4 (people/witness) can now be disabled

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    Major Release: September 19, 2017 - v15.0

    users can be managed through groups (applies to rights and restrictions)

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    Minor Release: April 27, 2017 - v14.2

    fixed bug where removing an alert group from category or location alert settings, the setting would still be applied

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    Minor Release: March 28, 2017 - v14.1

    Updated PDF converter for downloaded and emailed reports

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    Major Release: January 31, 2017 - v14.0

    Mobile App v1.0 released (Android, iOS, Cloud Solution only)

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    Minor Release: October 6, 2016 - v12.32

    added the option to add a second trend line over a date range with trend graphs

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    Minor Release: September 9, 2016 - v12.31

    changed the form maintenance script to an asynchronous call for better performance

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    Minor Release: August 11, 2016 - v12.3

    admins now have ability to change specific language around the site, headings are: location, sub-location, area / room, people, people info, witness, witness info and the option ID field associated with people and witnesses

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    Minor Release: May 23, 2016 - v12.2

    added ability to save a report as a draft without having to submit it

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    Minor Release: March 6, 2016 - v12.1

    Improved scheduled tasks to be more reliable, now using powershell script

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    Major Release: December 22, 2015 - v12.0

    adding the ability to add a "unit measure" during an append and show the report total

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    Minor Release: November 13, 2015 - v11.2

    (code) Added three new triggers to workflows, one new action, and added the ability to add a note to a workflow action alert. New triggers are: Report Priority, Report Author and Report Actor. Now Triggers can be set based on the state of the priority, who the original author of the report is, and who the actor is.

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    Major Release: October 2, 2015 - v11.0

    (code) added data analysis for heat mapping clicks on image maps for forms

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    Minor Release: August 26, 2015 - v10.57

    (code) added a silent process to store the complete report set in an excel file as a background process so when called on demand from the admin control panel the file is present immediately and is no longer generated at run time

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    Minor Release: August 6, 2015 - v10.55

    (bug) fixed bug where person/witness auto-completed search results would not return "info" when IDs were turned on but no ID was supplied

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    Minor Release: July 28, 2015 - v10.54

    (UI) users who are assigned a report but either no longer exist or do not have access to view the report are now shown via warning icons and tool-tip comments (only visible for admins)

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    Minor Release: July 9, 2015 – v10.51 - v10.53

    (code) added ability to set global password enforcement rules, now all accounts can be forced to change passwords on specific time intervals

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    Minor Release: May 1, 2015 - v10.5

    (UI) Advanced search queries can now be saved and set as a default search when page loads

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    Minor Release: March 28, 2015 - v10.4

    (UI) Added new response and tweak to design of the view reports grid

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    Minor Release and Rollup: March 9, 2015 - v10.3

    (UI) Workflows added: Rules can be built to allow for automated Report actions to execute

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    Minor Release: Dec 11, 2014 - v10.1

    (UI) when an image is attached to a report it shows in a popup panel when possible

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    Major Release: Oct 30, 2014 - v10.0

    (UI) Report Page interface overhauled to provide a cleaner more structured look

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    Minor Release: September 16, 2014 - v9.31

    (bug fix) primary key re-optimized on reporting database. Report IDs now sequence correctly again

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    Minor Release: August 17, 2014 - v9.3

    (UI) streamlined UI for Location Alerts and Category Alerts

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    Minor Release: July 20, 2014 - v9.2

    (UI) fixed notice when deleting a user to read properly regarding how the deleted users email address is handled if in a distribution list

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    Minor Release: June 22, 2014 - v9.1

    (code) added heat maps that allow grouping of data points to be analyzed

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    Major Release: March 12, 2014 - v9.0

    (code) A default template can now be selected, so each new report opens with the template pre-populated in the report body

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    Major Release: Nov 3, 2013 - v8.0

    (code) Added new custom email lists to be used for new notification conditions

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    Minor Release: Nov 10, 2012 - v7.4

    (UI) added ability to restrict report access by user based on either locations or categories

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    Minor Release: May 30, 2012 - v7.31

    (UI) changed it so when "--no data found--" is presented when a person or witness is searched on that that text is NOT saved when the report is submitted

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    Minor Release: April 8, 2012 - v7.3

    (code) added additional layer of security for documents

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    Minor Release: Feb 5, 2012 - v7.2

    (UI) in the report grid view the entire row is clickable to open to more details except when other clickable data is present

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    Minor Release: January 14, 2012 - v7.1

    (UI) most recent uploaded users database is now downloadable

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    Major Release: January 7, 2012 - v7.0

    (code) improved code for email delivery service

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    Minor Release: January 7, 2011 - v6.3

    (code) Application upgraded to asp.net 4.0 (from 2.0)

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    Minor Release: July 2, 2010 - v6.1

    (features) added ability for administrators to search site activity logs by user

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    Minor Release: July 2, 2010 - v6.2

    (features) added ability for administrators to upload a third party user database and then set consistency options for 'person' and 'witness' entries during a report submit or edit

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    Major Release: June 20, 2010 - v6.0

    (features) added new email alert feature; now reports can be tagged as 'high alert' for special email alerting. Also reports can be set for alerting based on: submissions, editing, deleting or appending

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    Minor Release: January 15, 2010 - v5.5

    added autocomplete feature to person and witness areas during report submission and editing

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    Minor Release: November 9, 2009 - v5.4

    HTML editor upgraded to v6.5

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    Minor Release: June 25, 2009 - v5.3

    File attachments added to reports (each report can have a file attached now for further information sharing)

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    Minor Release: Nov. 30, 2008 - v5.2

    Trending is now available from the "View Reports" page

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    Minor Release: Aug 4, 2008 - v5.1

    Clery report automatically generated as: .pdf, htm or as live web link

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    Major Release: Mar 1, 2008 - v5.0

    Users now have the ability to retrieve a lost password without relying on site administrators

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    Minor Release: Nov 21, 2006 - v4.1

    New feature in the Control panel allows administrators to view site activity.

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    Releases have been archived

    v1.0 through v4.0