Major Release: April, 26 2023 – v19.0

Major Release: April 26, 2023 – v19.0


  • fixed issue where some user accounts where not properly showing a category or location restrictions flag for their account
  • fixed issue where bad characters were defeating the scan to be removed during a file upload (in certain cases)
  • fixed issue where loading saved searches could cause an error if a category or location in the saved search was renamed or removed
  • fixed bug where LDAP settings would still show on the admin auth page after being un-selected
  • fixed bug where LDAP user check wasn’t always correctly verifying the optional password check variant
  • fixed bugs associated with consistency and import settings when retrieving autocomplete hints and more data for matches in People/Witness (section 4) for both submit and edit operations
  • fixed bug where when clicking on a sent message in the inbox a console error would be generated
  • fixed bug where incorrect data format for Boolean values in form data import was erroring rather than reporting the feedback
  • fixed bug where when a legacy sublocation was in a report but was deleted from the list and force a sub location if it exists was invoked as part of the report edit process the edit would not correctly validate with the legacy sublocation
  • fixed issue on report edit where legacy categories and locations were not being properly validated
  • fixed bug where abandoned locations weren’t always being correctly analyzed when calculating access to a report
  • fixed bug with forcing password change on next login being set incorrectly sometimes from the admin user edit page
  • fixed issue that when a URI is analyzed, and the prefix is omitted it gets correctly prepended (in helper class)


  • tweaked form clone bindings for the service call to be more reliable
  • added code in the Mobile Application settings page to make remote call out to support the new Mobile App (coming soon)
  • added maintenance script to catch poorly formed saved searches based on missing legacy data and intelligently correct these issues now
  • added gracefully exiting of email delivery attempts with file attachments greater than 24 MB. Email is still delivered without the files with a message explaining why.
  • added services to support the new mobile app (which is coming soon)
  • added logic to protect certain resources from loading in certain environments
  • added code to correct issue with scheduled task excel file imports


  • added display sorting for statuses and priorities
  • added friendly URL rewriting to Incident Tracker legacy version
  • added option for “Sign in with Google” to authentication process


  • cleaned up formatting on feedback when saving change to admin locations page
  • fixed a styling issue where the label content would misalign when they contained a lot of content on the recent report’s widget
  • fixed some alternate language cosmetics on the manage locations / category admin pages
  • enhanced event log for “user logged in” to reflect login type, success or failure and corrected time stamp issue during a single sign on login event capture
  • fixed cosmetic issue on admin page for creating new user (text misalignment)
  • improved event log language to reflect time stamp warnings more accurately