Minor Release: August 23, 2023 – v19.1

Minor Release: August 23, 2023 – v19.1


  • fixed bug in banned list admin panel where too much data loading would cause a timeout
  • fixed bug where mass export of report in admin panel was not populating all fields correctly
  • caught and fixed error during ‘rapid submit’ check on submit page leading to invalid date format
  • fixed bug where a simple search saved as default used “last 7 days” in the date range caused an invalid date format in the query
  • fixed bug where when the report “notes” count differed from what was stored in the database during an edit a count mismatch occured, now the entries are evaluated individually in this case
  • fixed issue where event log tallies were no longer incrementing (did not affect usage just stats collection)


  • updated scraping process for report history when a report was recently deleted
  • optimized recent report call for that widget


  • added an ID segment to the URL for the web app to help streamline routing processes for customers and to help with out or session redirections
  • added new FTP functionality for customer requesting daily report dumps


  • cleaned up front end UI for banned list to minimize dead space
  • fixed formatting issue with time stamp in the admin logs