Major Release: February 13, 2018 – v16.0

Major Release: February 13, 2018 – v16.0


  • section 4 (people/witness) can now be disabled
  • customers can now have custom sections embedded directly into the core report (created by Incident Tracker developers).
  • these new sections can be included in workflows, drafts, searches and analytics.


  • fixed bug where executive reports were not using the fully correct date ranges to collect report data
  • fixed bug where viewing users their location restrictions would not refresh
  • fixed bug with renaming a User Groups
  • fixed issue where grabbing the control that caused a postback in certain scenarios errored
  • fixed bug on heat maps where bookmark code was using wrong call to extract web page
  • fixed forms on my reports page to show in columns on excel dump (was embedding full form structure)
  • fixed bug where when exporting heat map data to PDF the event log incorrectly detailed it was from a date range when it was actually from a query
  • fixed bug with generating a print page or PDF for a heat map where when only report ID ranges are used in the data set it was incorrectly using dates instead of the ID ranges
  • fixed bug where when deleting a report from the EDIT REPORT and REPORT page the user would be logged out after the delete completed – now redirected to the home page
  • fixed bug where excel file description for an activity hotspot export was not showing correctly (using wrong variable set)
  • fixed bug where when clicking on a checkbox (corresponding to a user’s right) in the user rights matrix could cause an error


  • changed “datapeaking” tooltip text
  • draft date reads in proper format now based on default language
  • now alternate labels for locations and sponsors are showing correctly on activity hot spots
  • re-ordered columns for excel file dumps and included custom sections
  • fixed alternate label for people/witnesses on report edit page (it was not being set)
  • corrected a typo that was in the email created during an edit event email alert