Major Release: February 14, 2019 – v17.0

Major Release: February 14, 2019 – v17.0


  • optimized the advanced search process
  • LDAP group pull for members now include sub-groups (recursive)
  • added option to sort users pulled from an LDAP group on the authentication page (also removes duplicates in the process)
  • added ability for email notices to go out to the sponsor of a report during a report edit/append/delete process
  • added option to disable showing FORMS on the view reports page (for better performance)


  • fixed bug where checking to allow users to change their own password/login was only checking in LDAP or SSO (when considering third party accounts), now we include SAML
  • fixed issue where searching for a user on the user edit admin page via LDAP and no match was found the page would silently error (ajax error)
  • fixed issue where the December executive summary report was using incorrect date ranges
  • fixed bug where an alert note attached to workflow only was included during a SUBMIT process, now it shows for EDIT events as well


  • accounts can now be self created if the option is enabled
  • added new tool called “banned list” – mainly for libraries