Major Release: January 31, 2017 – v14.0


  • fixed bug when editing a report with forms and saving changes would take 5 + minutes to run form maintenance check
  • fixed bug where alternate labels on individual report page was not setting when openedĀ up from the my reports page
  • fixed bug where multiple events were being logged when a PM was sent
  • fixed bug in PMs where PMs were logging the users login as their email
  • fixed bug when user changes their password it wasn’t saving
  • fixed bug when user changed language it wasn’t saving


  • fixed design issue where save and delete buttons would lay on top of each other when selecting to edit a form on the admin form page
  • fixed design issue on forms page when row number greater than 2 digits, the row number becomes misaligned
  • added binding ‘enter’ keypress to column when editing a row’s cosmetic data inside of a form on the admin form page
  • changed clery subcategory drop-down to show a “choose option” in reports advanced search when a clery main category is selected


  • Mobile App v1.0 released (Cloud Solution only)
  • added option to hide person and witness auto-fill and auto-complete in section 4 of report (during submit and edit)
  • added ability to set a global timeout variable to log users out due to inactivity
  • added terms and conditions and privacy policy content to now be pulled from repository
  • added latex cleaning code to radeditor clean check code
  • when sending a person to person private message, an email reminder is also sent
  • added ability to clear drafts also when global admin is resetting/clearing reports
  • added ability to query events by “mobile” only, “web” only or either
  • moving azure databases to faster disk set
  • upgrading database references from ntext type to varchar(max)