Major Release: January 5, 2020 – v18.0 and v18.1

Major Release: January 5, 2020 – v18.0 and v18.1


  • fixed bug where when an email was to be sent to the “original report author” due to a report being altered, if the original report author was deleted from the system an error was thrown
  • fixed an issue where disabled users could still receive an email alert during a workflow kick off where “send alert to original report author” was an action
  • fixed bug during report import where categories were incorrectly being evaluated during the integrity test
  • fixed bug where when the photo of a banned patron was changed the change was not being saved and the entire update process was halted.
  • fixed issue where “person/item” delete button would float behind other controls on banned list admin page
  • reworked photo listing in banned list for better viewing and added option to search on photo by file name
  • fixed bug where when setting general (non workflow) alerts, occasionally the process would error when trying to update the information label on how a ‘group’ was being utilized
  • fixed bug where note count was not updating after adding a note (appending notes) to the individual report page
  • fixed bug where user rights were not being accounted for in _overload due to misplaced exit sub clause
  • fixed bug where “banned List” tool event log for a dismiss action was not showing the proper name as supplied by the customer in their custom settings
  • fixed issue where when clicking checkbox to apply user rights in groups, there was no check to see if at least one admin would be remaining in the system
  • fixed bug where when using the custom report export tool (beta) that the date range would cut off the ending date by one day.
  • fixed bug with custom export report tool (admin area) when optional fields, like sponsor, duration, status etc.. was not being accounted for properly when generating the export excel file
  • fixed bug where when asking for all activity hotspot data points for a custom section field that was a checkboxlist no results would be returned
  • fixed bug where when during a submit trigger for Report Author the trigger was being incorrectly analyzed and described in the execution summary
  • fixed bug where duplicate header names in excel file exports were stopping the process from completing the file creation.
  • fixed bug where when checking for duplicate alternate labels for report sections the fields were being incorrectly analyzed
  • fixed bug where the mobile call to append notes was duplicating the event log entry
  • fixed bug where the mobile call to append notes was not executing workflow check (considered an EDIT event)
  • fixed bug where custom section values were not being passed to workflow execution calls in various places around the site, causing WFs whose triggers were dependent on cs values to not fire


  • improved time-out performance (so inactive TABs will not time-out users)
  • changed how we store file paths for attached files (now using relative pathing)


  • added a portal for multi-tenant customers
  • changed workflow actions to allow file attachments to be sent during a regular EDIT trigger (before it was just during submit)
  • added ability for admins to set printing abilities for their deployment for report related data
  • global page timers can now be disabled


  • added language (in the first email) to say a second email is coming with attachments when the new WF action (to send email attachments) is triggered
  • all colors for status and priorities are now web approved
  • added more color choices for statuses