Minor Release: April 3, 2020 – v18.2

Minor Release: April 3, 2020 – v18.2


  • fixed issue where when deleting an unused image map in forms the repeater did not refresh to show the image map to be removed
  • added a fix for multiple report reminders for the same report and same person
  • fixed bug where when re-sorting the user rights grid when viewing users, the icon denoting third party wired or account disabled would disappear
  • fixed bug where when adding a new member to a user group the group rights/restrictions may not be applied in all cases to that new member
  • fixed issue for user using https rss feeds
  • fixed bug where when creating a custom section trigger for a workflow in some cases for multi-valued objects we were using the .text attribute rather than the .value attribute
  • fixed bug where when defining a workflow to be triggered by a change in value to a customsection field the workflow’s execution would incorrectly be evaluated
  • fixed bug where when clicking to re-load the user right matrix nothing would happen
  • fixed javascript error when calling a reference to the heatmap on _heatmaps, _heatmaps2, _printimagemap and _printimagemap2 and the heatmap wasn’t yet rendered, now we check for it’s existence first
  • fixed bug where a report would show custom section fields as editable when supposed to show as read-only (only occurred when no custom section data was saved for the report)
  • fixed issue where we renaming “reports” or “incidents” was disabled the status of renaming them wasn’t immediately reset (a logoff needed to happen to set it)
  • fixed issue where disabled users were NOT showing up in the autocomplete list of users (when threshold surpassed) on admin user edit page
  • fixed bug where recent reports was showing duplicate reports in some cases
  • fixed bug where mass exporting of reports to PDFs (as called from the CP to a webservice) was bugged due to introducing the cloudurl config entry (missing trailing slash in URL)
  • fixed bug where when saving application settings occasionally the page would error (due to a storage size setting)
  • fixed bug where renaming incidents caused the view reports page to error when there was no reports to show
  • fixed bug where a new workflow could be saved without a trigger
  • fixed bug where in certain cases reports sets ID floor values were incorrect due to improper sorting
  • fixed bug where when searching people.witness (section 4) by ID no matches were returned


  • improved search matching results for section 4 people/witness
  • upgraded web application to .net 4.7.2 from 4.5 (includes support for SMTP services utilizing TLS 1.2)
  • added ability to track file attachments by user who attached file when gather analytics
  • added code to prohibit a user group from being deleted if it is in use via the “printoption” app settings
  • added code to the cleaner script for radeditor to block script tags
  • upgraded code that showed “recent reports” to be more efficient
  • changed event logging upon the manual emailing of a report so two logs are created, one is a generic “email sent” log disassociated with the report and the second is a “report_emailed” entry associated with the report


  • increased amount of reports to be allowed to be exported in the beta tool from 1,000 to 2,500
  • enhanced renaming of “incident” or “report” to another label, i.e. “ticket” or “claim” or “issue” etc…
  • added new tool to export/import location sets


  • fixed cosmetic issue where we editing a user restrictions a notice would pop up sometimes incorrectly saying restrictions can only be set via the users group
  • removed the word “incident” from as many event logs creation “details” in code as possible (to help support renaming incident/report)
  • fixed issue where when password complexity rules were not met when creating a new user no user feedback was provided, the process just ended, now feedback is provided.
  • fixed instances where location renaming was not taking affect
  • changed the admin user restrictions summary page to show users in order of Last Name sorted
  • fixed bug where option to print forms was missing in certain cases
  • fixed an issue where when removing all Location restrictions for a user the restrictions were still showing despite being removed
  • fixed issue where “saving draft” was showing up in all update panel progress notifications during an asynchronous post-back action