Minor Release: April 5, 2022 – v18.7

Minor Release: April 5, 2022 – v18.7


  • fixed a bug where when creating a form, the form name could be longer than the length allowed in the database
  • fixed a bug in the Linked Table stability check code where a session was being used to identify the customer guid rather than the embedded value passed
  • fixed issue on admin workflows page where when changing the trigger to stale date only the alert group dropdown option in actions could be showing a non-valid option
  • fixed bug in Recent Reports and Back Next browsing where in some cases the category restriction scan was not providing correct results
  • fixed bug where witness/people IDs weren’t always pulling the correct “info” data
  • fixed bug where appended note event was being marked as an anonymous action instead of being tied to the correct person
  • added fixes to LDAP local querying for on-prem deployment types
  • fixed bug where image links lost their state after opening up modal on My Reports page
  • fixed issue where config file would get locked when a custom data access DLL was in use
  • fixed bug where some database changes were being overwritten during congested function execution
  • fixed bug where image paths used when generating content for off network delivery was set incorrectly


  • changed the ‘Login’ import from excel process to better monitor the attempts to update the database and provide better feedback and not fail the entire process for one bad entry
  • changed how we obtain some local variables in code to a more reliable process – an example is the local file path
  • changed how we call the check for orphaned locations to run on a dice roll and only when a loc, sub or room list was altered, prior it ran on every single post back
  • added a call to clean orphaned locations to the async call to the maintenance script in case it was invoked by the dice roll
  • changed default slot value for a workflow to 999 (it was 99) if a customer had more than 98 workflows this was causing an issue
  • changed directory creation script to be more reliable and run during deployment setup always for both cloud and on premise customers
  • moved sessions to be off the same IIS pool as the web app and now uses the servers state server service for better recovery
  • changed image tooltip previews to use an async service for better performance
  • added code to optimize page state on some of the more demanding pages
  • changed all cookies to use secure transfer protocol and to invoke same site only mode for better security
  • changed all URL references and paths internal and external to always use a secure route, including off network services


  • added error capturing and re-enabled error redirection
  • added ability to use LDAP over a secure connection
  • added staging database structure for Graph implementation
  • added database staging for improved custom section data retrieval


  • improved error feedback by making an attempt to provide a code to match in the admin logs
  • changed an FTP file creation process, regarding how some files are created (now they show all the fields as regular without the weird renaming schema
  • added image preview tooltip to document center
  • cleaned up some UI feedback content wells