Minor Release: August 17, 2021 – v18.5

Minor Release: August 17, 2021 – v18.5


  • added a fix to the special excel file export where wrong field was being retrieved from a form in certain cases
  • fixed bug where when renaming/deleting a category or location used in a workflow that had to pass the integrity check (because it was bound to reports) was not calling the clean script to parse and update workflows, now it is
  • fixed bug where image orientation was being incorrectly calculated sometimes when compressing and analyzing image file uploads
  • fixed bug where some application settings were not being marked as changed and hence not always being saved in admin application settings page
  • fixed bug where exact match only in admin custom content page was being set incorrectly
  • fixed bug where when a user without document view rights recieved a file attachment in a private message the page would error
  • fixed bug where when a user was assigned a report that they could not view the database was logging an incorrect user id


  • improved the public APIs
  • changed renaming category, locations and subs behavior to also automatically update workflows tied to those
  • added code to to help build blank columns for any new forms attached during a workflow execution if needed
  • added code to correct mismatched saved columns for a form
  • changed the way workflows behave when a category or location is removed and was part of a workflow
  • changed how image compression works to include PNG files when they do not contain transparency
  • changed the “append a note” process to create the associated event log differently so the report scrape used in the newest version of UI gets erased so it can get rebuilt when it sees that it is blank
  • tweaked scheduled tasks to not load unrelated triggers for stale dated workflow analysis (in some cases there were duplicated email alerts) – also cleaned up the email language to read better when the action was an alert only and no definable actions
  • spread scheduled tasks stale dated workflow execution into 4 groups to run every 4 hours (was 2 groups every 2 hours) and added cloud logging for better troubleshooting
  • changed single sign on “log back in” URL to include the virtual direction querystring rather than relying on stored variables


  • improved the vision impaired tools/features/functionality
  • changed alternate labels to be allowed to be identical for people and witness “address/info” renaming
  • changed loading or reloading workflow triggers to rebind the categories and locations rather than just rechecking the existing ones incase a user changed the category/location lists during the page life cycle
  • added ability to change smtp service per customer
  • added code to allow the “status date” (date of the most recent status change) to be exported via the custom export excel tool in the admin area


  • changed how dates are formatted in the custom excel file report dump
  • added feedback on the customize category and location admin pages for when a deletion causes a workflow to be disabled
  • updated all the theme style sheets to include some of the new classes for the locations/category Workflow info popup/modal
  • fixed typo where work “entries” was misspelled in various feedback language around the site
  • removed label from report view so the “Thank You from the Incident Tracker team!” no longer is visible
  • changed sender email address on email settings page to be proper based on cloud or onprem authsmtp or sendgrid and sendgrid UK vs US
  • moved excel export custom tool from BETA status to certified feature