Minor Release: August 18, 2019 – v17.21

Minor Release: August 18, 2019 – v17.21


  • fixed issue where when a Workflow was kicked off by a report submit and files where attached, no follow up email with the files was being sent


  • made a change so when LDAP group info is pulled via the LDAP webservice. The user attributes are collected properly in all cases now.
  • enhanced master admin features when setting mass location restrictions (can now set by main location)


  • added ability to define if the customer wants file attachments to be sent when a workflow triggers an email alert during a report submit process


  • added ability to expand home page to single column format
  • reworked css so the timer div shows properly on all pages (special attention to the home page)
  • removed link to ‘customize this section’ in section 4 for submit and edit report pages
  • added a tag to the “saved drafts” div so area can be hidden by master admin