Minor Release: August 23, 2022 – v18.8

Minor Release: August 23, 2022 – v18.8


  • fixed issue where when calling to the LDAP tool to authenticate in some cases a user disabled in LDAP was allowed to log in
  • fixed issue where the report authors state was not correctly evaluating for some stale dated workflow that contained that trigger
  • fixed issue with cookies being secure and not cross site accessible (moved to a configuration setting)
  • fixed issue where custom content wasn’t always being shown due to URL rewriting
  • fixed max-length on fields when renaming folders in doc center
  • fixed issue with secure cookies/sessions timing out unexpectedly
  • fixed bug where when evaluating a user for restrictions in certain instances the group access list was being evaluated rather than the users
  • fixed bug where the label denoting a Report was filed via the mobile app was stuck when browsing forward and back on Reports on the individual Report page
  • fixed bug on the advanced search where sections that weren’t relevant may still return results under certain rare conditions
  • fixed bug in the advanced search where form or custom section elements were not ANDing or ORing correctly
  • fixed bug where combining Forms or custom sections in the advanced search was causing so data retrieval issues
  • fixed issue where duplicate users could be entered into the database during an import dump (non-case sensitivite matches were being allowed)
  • fixed bug where the delete user process would end without proper feedback and page would halt
  • fixed bug when checked for duplicate report during a submit


  • added code to limit the length of characters than can be inserted into an excel file as per specifications (csv file issue)
  • moved some global variables to a more reliable configuration repo
  • code : reconstructed the datalayer logic to be more efficient (big overhaul)
  • added code to globally sync mobile PIN per customer
  • changed how WorkFlow maintenance runs on admin page (optimization)
  • (optimized) made code changes to how restrictions are evaluated in Locations and categories to improve performance
  • fixed bug where partial page name matches weren’t working correctly for custom content serving
  • optimized the advanced search when analyzing only ‘AND’ed sections
  • added code to enhance when a report scrape needs refreshed (in response to non-report based actions that might change the presentation of the report, like a label being renamed)
  • upgraded advanced search status from BETA to certified feature
  • added code to globally sync mobile PIN per customer


  • added .csv file support for file exports (including to FTP services)
  • added ability to refresh the report in the list to make sure it reflects the most current state
  • added features to allow for inheriting “Is Not” states in the advanced search for tiered data sets: Locations and Categories
  • added aria-label to main menu for vision impaired support


  • cleaned up feedback when Form contents are edited
  • LDAP credentials password field now masked
  • added more descriptive text to emails when alerting about a workflow execution
  • fixed typo in event history when detailed a mobile report was submitted