Minor Release: December 15, 2021 – v18.6

Minor Release: December 15, 2021 – v18.6


  • fixed bug where trending graphs, when analyzing the “Day” interval, were showing wrong data in some cases and exporting incorrect data when dumping out to excel
  • fixed bug where duplicate custom section triggers were allowed to be saved in a WorkFlow
  • fixed issue where wrong URL was appearing in some external communications (changed code to more accurately get URL)
  • fixed bug where recent reports wasn’t showing the correct reports in some cases
  • fixed bug where when exporting dual data from trending graph to excel that the first data set was getting cut off in the excel file
  • fixed a bug where when executive report delivery task kicked off an uncaught exception occurred in some cases
  • changed scheduled task Stale Date impact matrix to correctly show the most recent impact in the grid on the WorkFlow admin page
  • fixed scheduled task Stale Dated WorkFlows to always run each cycle for on-prem customers
  • fixed issue where when a user was added to a group and the group had no category or locations restrictions but the user did, the user wasn’t always getting correctly scanned to have their individual restrictions removed
  • fix to saving/syncing custom sections
  • fixed bug where status and priority markers weren’t always being set to show they were set by a WorkFlow rule during a Submit
  • fixed bug where report edit log was overwritten during a WorkFlow execution for an EDIT action


  • added a way to encrypt the database stored password when in a third party file as would be the case for some on-prem customers
  • added session regeneration code to prevent session fixation and help with man in the middle attacks
  • improved lost password email link, its creation was relying on a cookie rather than the virtual directory, which is less reliable
  • moved Login Scripts to run in a new thread
  • made changes to how the executive report subscriptions are generated and emailed out (was getting an occasion error that was stopping the scheduled task process)
  • fixed recent reports and <<back next>> code for report browsing to be more reliable
  • made a change to how recent report default loads, if too many reports make them force the selection and limit it
  • changed scheduled task code to evaluate which Stale Dated WorkFlows should be checked
  • changed it so internal spaces are not allowed in passwords and logins
  • changed how we clean orphaned locations on so now that process run out of thread
  • optimized code for saving users to a Group regarding parsing Location restrictions when they are enabled
  • optimized custom section sync process to be more sensitive to changes (in admin area)


  • added a way to clear the display data for Form objects that have no display: textboxes, dropdownlists, radiolists, and html textboxes in the admin form management tool
  • added option to allow admins to force a sub-location to have to be selected when one exists (in a submit or edit process)
  • added ability to try to regenerate the big excel dump of report if it takes longer than 15 minutes
  • added stricter requirements for login editing on the my info page


  • added “report” replace/alternate language check to the Report Complete Confirmation Page
  • fixed alternate language on executive report scrapes
  • fixed scheduled task logging to correctly show which customer ran Stale Dated WorkFlows
  • added fix to helper call to capitalize first letter of a given phase (issue was an incorrect reference to a class file)