Minor Release: July 5, 2018 – v16.5

Minor Release: July 5, 2018 – v16.5


  • updated ODBC drivers (for third party import/export processes)
  • changed form maintenance code to only run between 3am and 5am (sever time)
  • restructured and optimized the recent reports section
  • added code to config to help redirect bad url characters
  • updated file upload types
  • changed how HTML is represented when generating reports to excel files – added new helper sub
  • changed how report PDFs get generated when an alert or workflow kicks off an email that includes a report PDF (when a report has an image map)
  • added code to hide user drop-down lists when there are more than x amount of logins in the database to improve performance on certain pages
  • added code to ensure non-Incident Tracker accounts could not have the ‘force password change’ option enabled
  • optimized admin workflow page to allow for better performance when a large number of workflows exist
  • added code to allow for a default row in forms upon new creation to help set the form foundation


  • fixed typo from pop-ups on import database page
  • changed how category charts load on view reports
  • streamlined the way the additional actions panel reacts on the view and my reports page
  • fixed issue where SAML linked accounts were not showing as such in the user rights matrix


  • fixed issue where LTA scripts were using cookie values instead of values passed in the signature
  • fixed new locations/categories to get the lowest slot
  • fixed bug with group restrictions when adding or changing the categories or locations
  • fixed bug where status and priority would disappear
  • fixed bug when setting a priority on an individual report
  • fixed executive report emails going to multiple groups when they execute at the same time
  • fixed bug when we build the label that shows how a notification group is being used on the email settings page during a settings change was erroring due to no group currently shown and the group/list ID was non existent
  • fixed bug where BB posts remained open in edit mode after an edit was completed
  • fixed issue where multiple account deleted events were being created for a single account deletion
  • fixed bug where a report action caused a workflow to execute and change the report assignment would sometimes incorrectly format the assigned name
  • fixed issue where duration unit would appear on report confirmation page when duration was not enabled
  • fixed issue where changing SMTP settings didn’t create event log
  • fixed bug where emails failed when assigning a report from my reports page


  • streamlined single sign on so a single redirection can be accommodated