Minor Release: June 25, 2009 – v5.3

  • File attachments added to reports (each report can have a file attached now for further information sharing).
  • Polling added to the Bulletin Board. Users can now build polls and view the results through the bulletin board.
  • Enhanced UI on “Submit Report” page – validation is streamlined to highlight form fields that are required but left blank by a submitter.
  • Enhanced UI on “Report Complete” page. When a report is completed all available options (such as attach file or print report) are more neatly listed into one list.
  • Report page cleaned up; now all report options (such as create pdf file, attach file, print etc…) have been moved to the upper right area of the screen.
  • “View Reports”, “My Reports” and “Event Log” grids are reworked to provide more viewing space. An attachment icon has been added to the Report grids to show when a file has been attached (hovering over icon displays file name, clicking it downloads file).
  • Handbook now online in the control panel Please note disk capacity for attachments now shown in the left hand menu in the control panel.