Minor Release: March 19, 2021 – v18.4

Minor Release: March 19, 2021 – v18.4


  • fixed issue with how bad URLs are processed, more user friendly redirect now takes place.
  • fixed bug where form images couldn’t be uploaded due to folder lock issue
  • fixed bug where removing a file attachment was not associating the event log with the report


  • improved code that cleans HTML textboxes of non desired content/markup
  • when exporting reports to excel column mismatch issues are collected now and elegantly worked around
  • added new compression tech for when image files are uploaded/attached to reports
  • changed how images are rendered on hover over in the report Grid on the Reports and Analytics and My Reports page
  • added new options in the CP and admin_appsettings (for on-prem) to set storage limits
  • added a check during report export in the admin area to check first to see if the user selected any fields
  • added new email delivery service that more accommodates UK customers
  • changed how the HTML textboxes are globally checked based on how it recursively looks for embedded img tags


  • added public APIs (Beta)
  • added high bandwidth option for page loads in certain cases
  • updated how the password retrieval process works
  • added capture of form data to show in the edit log when a form is removed from a report during an edit
  • logos now allowed to be either jpeg or png files