Minor Release: March 28, 2017 – v14.1


  • admin report sponsor page now shows all deleted sponsors upon demand


  • fixed bug where saved drafts were not always saving when only data in step 1  was entered
  • fixed bug where scheduled workflows would error out due to bad database call in rare circumstances
  • fixed bug when advanced search on view reports contained a room that was blank the database the query would fail
  • fixed bug where during a priority name change with an integrity check the process would fail
  • fixed bug where loading a saved advanced search certain data parts (location or category) may not load the correct sub-location/sub-category correctly and not correctly bind that drop-down-list object to appropriate options as well
  • fixed bug where recent reports panel would cause a never ending loop under rare circumstances
  • fixed bug where “jump to category alerts” link on manage categories page did not take user to proper tab
  • fixed bug where “jump to location alerts” link on manage locations page did not load the location alert settings properly


  • change “report sponsors” to not be permanently deleted if tied to old reports. Prior to this we would remove them from all reports and then permanently delete them.  Now they remain visible, but marked as deleted so they cant be used in the future.  They now need to be removed from all legacy reports to be permanently deleted
  • resized images change from (800 x 600) max to (1200 x 900) max
  • upgraded to newer version of PDF generator to fix issue where very long HTML strings were causing misalignment issue when reports contained forms that contained heat map images
  • added the ability to change how forms are shown in report view as either above the write up or at the bottom of the report
  • added clery categories (only used as hate crimes) : Larceny-Theft, Simple Assault, Intimidation, Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property
  • consolidated all maintenance and linked table action delete scripts into a new class for ease of code management. Fixed several small bugs in the various scripts as well.