Minor Release: March 6, 2016 – v12.1

Minor Release: March 6, 2016 – v12.1


  • fixed issue where announcement date validation was incorrectly being calculated during announcement creation
  • fixed issue where “duration” unit shows on hotspots despite duration being off and no legacy duration entries existing
  • fixed bug that allowed users without access to a report to print or PDF it during a mass print or PDF call to all reports in the grid from the main reports page
  • fixed bug where only first Location trigger was evaluated during a workflow execution
  • added community bulletin board back into the mix (disabled link for now)
  • fixed issue where clicking on “return to login page” from the Lost Password page was generating a bad-url error
  • fixed bug where report with no event history could not be deleted
  • fixed bug where autocomplete was not always getting a correct person or witness match on the submit report page
  • fixed bug where deleted reports would show in the event logs could cause load times to be very long
  • fixed issue where form edit log created during a report edit was showing the changes out of order on the confirmation page
  • fixed bug when a report contained multiple forms (each with an image map), clicking on one of the image maps would remove any selected points from the others
  • fixed bug where some event logs were incorrectly being deleted during routine maintenance
  • fixed bug where assignment alert would improperly show on the full report page when assigning a report to a user with only “my report” view rights
  • fixed bug where page would freeze after deleting a workflow
  • fixed bug where including a Report Body search in the advanced search on the Reports and Analytics page the simple search criteria was ignored
  • fixed bug where during a report edit, if the report contained an image map, the save process would error

(Code Optimization / new features)

  • improved scheduled tasks to be more reliable, now using powershell script
  • removed the ‘pop up’ report feature from the main reports grid (still active though on my reports), now clicking on a report opens it in a new tab
  • changed algorithm for generating an excel export of reports, this is now an on-demand action
  • changed email process to resolve connection issues.
  • changed smtp delivery port to recommended and added TXT record to domain for better email reliability
  • removed the popup to show a full report write up when the length is greater than 4000 characters.  The new limit is 8000 and the full text is shown permanently for the during of the page life cycle when that option is selected. Same for report edit logs

(Cosmetic/UI enhancements)

  • added meta tag in master pages to try to help with IE compatibility issues
  • improved the report confirm screen readability
  • fixed ‘my reports’ report pop-out alignment
  • fixed deleted report log to not run long across the screen but rather to enclose in a scrollable div
  • fixed issue where PDF of a report with multiple forms with multiple image maps were misaligned
  • fixed issue when exporting reports to excel leading zeros are cut off of cells
  • improved html text editor so it removes unwanted formatting upon pasting content from other sources