Minor Release: May 23, 2016 – v12.2

Minor Release: May 23, 2016 – v12.2

(Code Optimization / new features)

  • added ability to save a report as a draft without having to submit it
  • added ability to refresh specific pages automatically
  • increased options of rows for evaluating activity hotspots
  • updated reminders so clearing the “days” textbox removes the reminder
  • added individual report alerts that tie to notification groups
  • upgraded the ability to follow reports and receive alerts/updates
  • added ability to search reports for specific people and action events in an action period (stale date range) using event filters in the advanced search
  • follower added to advanced search and activity hotspots
  • follower text is able to be custom set

(Cosmetic/UI enhancements)

  • cleaned up displayed text on activity hotspot list
  • resized PDF and PRINT report screens to be larger font size
  • cleaned up feature buttons around the site to be more prominent
  • cleaned up bulletin board for cleaner viewing, fixed issue where edit html box was too large for the viewing area


  • fixed bug where ‘system’ was misspelled in certain automatically generated private messages
  • fixed issue where incorrect tooltip text was appearing various places on the importing data page
  • fixed bug where importing LDAP accounts from an LDAP group weren’t applying append or label rights under certain scenarios
  • corrected issue where the ‘label’ user right was not being applied during the user import process from excel (non LDAP)
  • fixed bug where an excel export of reports from the view reports grid was showing restricted reports
  • fixed bug where a workflow was not being disabled when one of the triggers was set to evaluate a report author who had been deleted from the system
  • fixed bug when under certain circumstances a user was unable to set their language preference
  • fixed bug where workflow history details may display wrong or causes a page crash when customers date format is EU
  • fixed bug where multivalue sort option was showing during form setup for the HTML TextBox object.
  • removed ‘insert external image’ option from HTML textbox to avoid end user confusion
  • fixed bug where category names were not properly binding to subcategories in workflow rules due to trimming long category names
  • fixed bug where subcategories or sublocations might not be expanded in the workflow triggers settings when a parent category or location was selected
  • fixed bug where duration total was not updating correctly during a report edit