Minor Release: May 30, 2012 – v7.31

  • (code) added code to optimize document center functionality.
  • (UI) fixed issue where hover over expand option was not suppressed on recent report summary panel for reports with very small summaries.
  • (UI) changed it so when “–no data found–” is presented when a person or witness is searched on that that text is NOT saved when the report is submitted.
  • (UI) alternate labels added.
  • (UI) Fixed broken image links in community board.
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug where “day” was showing incorrectly when a reports event date was changed.
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug where storage usage was being slightly miscalculated (rounding error).
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug in community board when an anonymous visitor did not supply a full name.
  • (bug fix) Fixed issue with changing a report ‘status’ in the report grid caused by an event propagation (bubbling) issue.