Minor Release: May 5, 2019 – v17.11

Minor Release: May 5, 2019 – v17.11


  • fixed issue where notification groups may show incorrectly on the “more options” section in the report view grid
  • fixed bug where when adding a custom section header columns to an excel export, a duplicate column name error may occur
  • fixed bug in mobile app when checking for workflow execution after a report submit
  • fixed bug where any post back on the confirm submit report page would cause any form data to be hidden
  • fixed bug where custom section names were not showing correctly when being selected in the admin area
  • fixed bug where custom section name was not clearing when selecting to create a new custom section in the admin page


  • upgraded excel import process to now use an office compatible tool


  • added ability to set an email alert for the manual dismiss process when a banned patron is dismissed
  • administrators can now create a “report instruction” note to be shown on the report page
  • administrators can now set a tool tip for categories and subcategories to be shown on the submit report page
  • SAML can now be turned on or off by a site admin
  • added preliminary FTP services for custom file exporting