Minor Release: Nov 12, 2020 – v18.3

Minor Release: Nov 12, 2020 – v18.3


  • fixed bug where when updating categories and subcategories the tooltips were being erased
  • fixed bug where when updating sub categories in certain cases the group “no access list” might not have been set right
  • fixed bug where when editing a report that does not have saved data for a newly created custom section any pre-existing custom sections might not be loading correctly
  • fixed issue where the workflow UI (in the admin area) was not always being reset after a workflow delete or creation of a new workflow (a previously loaded workflow was still showing some settings)
  • fixed bug where the categories shown for category alerts would lose their sub category indicator on postback
    – added fix to prevent the last enabled admin to be added to a group that does not contain admin rights
  • fixed issue where when saving a banned list entry (on the admin page) the photo selected becomes unselected
  • fixed issue where the person being assigned a report isn’t captured in event logging in certain cases affecting some analytics
  • fixed issue where room group restrictions weren’t being applied to members of a user group
  • fixed bug where if a status did not have a color selected it would not show up in the status key on the My Reports page
  • fixed issue where when when the status list was long the page would break and show a run on table when rendering the status key on My Reports and Reports and Analytics
  • fixed bug in cleaning html entered input where looping logic was looking at an incorrect variable
  • fixed issue where workflow triggers were not correctly identifying duplicates triggers in other workflows during workflow trigger saving
  • fixed bug that caused an error when executing a stale dated workflow that included a multi-valued field (like a checkboxlist) from a custom section
  • fixed scheduled task so the FTP file creation process for select customers runs more efficiently
  • fixed bug where when during a custom export of data a view of the data was embedding NULL values where zero length string should have been
  • fixed bug in date ranges for heatmap searches


  • added to maintenance script to check for a report attached file count and make sure it is correct
  • changed it so a form being attached during a workflow will mark a report as being edited; and create an edit log entry – prior it was only creating a report edited event causing some confusion
  • added new code to all admin import report pages (for on-prem only) to allow report import with a form and a custom section (none, either one only or both)
  • when adding users to groups or applying non-admin rights to groups checked for at least one remaining ENABLED admin to exist.
  • added code to prevent reports from being submitted or imported if touring is on – touring prevents events from being created which causes systemic issues with reports
  • added new code to help clean html-based markup input from users
  • changed how the temporarily file pointers are saved and removed when engaging the file uploader tool (this process moved to each customers private folder rather than one global store)
  • added event log for when a global alert for locations or categories (or their subs) were set
  • changed how images are rendered to the browser for admin banned list (removed hover-over and replaced it with single click pop-up)
  • added form maintenance script to run a little more regularly upon login default page


  • added “print option” notice to group list on admin group management page
  • added tool for admins to export user list
  • added a new “notice” page for when Incident Tracker staff need to send a message to a deployment
  • added mass delete report options for master admins


  • fixed typo in app settings page “All User” to “All Users”
  • fixed tooltip on report row hamburger for “more options” to read “more options”, it was incorrectly reading “report history”
  • added tooltip to see selected email list members in workflow action that sends an email to a Group
  • now user rights matrix shows LDAP/SAML accounts icon even if LDAP/SAML is turned off
  • fixed “report” renaming on admin_sponsorlist.aspx
  • reworked UI on the admin sponsor list page
  • added labels to show custom section ID and input count on admin pages
  • fixed issue where when renaming a workflow the event log was saving as workflow created instead of edited
  • fixed issue where workflow name was not being limited to 50 characters (new and editing)
  • added “report” renaming to two labels on the admin banned list page
  • made cosmetic fix to show restrictions better on the user edit page (in particular when a group restrictions was changed for that user)
  • made a change to how locations are shown in the admin workflows page – if there is nothing to show more (no subs) under the current layer it renders as a label rather than a clickable link to show more
  • cleaned up workflow UI so non-selected Trigger and Action controls can not be interacted with
  • changed textbox width on editing saved search names to align inside the space allotted
  • added report string renaming to activity, hotspots and heatmap pages