Minor Release: October 13, 2018 – v16.6

Minor Release: October 13, 2018 – v16.6


  • changed how we evaluate date and time in event log creation
  • optimized code to hide workflow matrices when more than 50 workflows in admin page
  • added code to allow for a default row in forms upon new creation to help set the form foundation


  • made cosmetic change to how workflow stale dated execution history notes were documented
  • replaced flash charts with new html charts


  • fixed bug where assignment options on reports grid was not loading for myreports
  • fixed issue where appended notes would sometimes be marked as changed during a report edit when in fact they were not edited.
  • fixed bug where when visiting the hotspot activity page the time stamp to document the event is set to 00:00:00
  • fixed bug where when deleting a Group prior to opening it the application would error
  • added ajax update panel back into admin_usernew.aspx page
  • removed line of code that reloads all users on admin_useredit.aspx at the very top of the code behind called subroutine
  • fixed bug where when a sponsor’s office phone was changed no event log was captured
  • fixed bug where when calling subs to look for location restrictions the wrong table was being queried
  • fixed bug where the impact matrix for stale dated workflows did not correctly profile reports that had included or excluded forms or custom section data
  • fixed some bloated code to optimize loading location repeaters in the workflows admin page
  • fixed bug where bookmarks didn’t properly load on some pages
  • fixed bug where when creating a comparison activity hotspot data set the duration totals may be truncated to integers
  • fixed bug where when executing a stale-dated Workflow actions would be invoked prior to stale date trigger actually occurring
  • fixed bug where the workflow execution history shown in the stale dated workflow matrix was showing all events for all workflows rather than just the ones for the workflow in the list
  • added a fix for “too many users” issue so when selecting a user to filter actions on in the advanced search we don’t populate a drop down but rather present an autocomplete textbox
  • fixed bug where when assigning a report from the myreports page any email alerts or privates messages failed to be delivered
  • fixed issue where selecting to hide all graphs on the bulletin board poll results loaded the column graph instead of showing none


  • added ability to allow non admins to export report sets from the view reports page