Minor Release: September 17, 2019 – v17.22

Minor Release: September 17, 2019 – v17.22


  • fixed issue where reloading a workflow in the admin area, the email alert options might be incorrectly displaying the available options
  • fixed bug when “sponsor” is active and renamed, the new name was not appearing in all excel file headers during report exports
  • fixed bug where “recursive” reminder alert was showing as a workflow trigger option for “submit” or “edit” events (it should only show when it is not either of those events)
  • fixed bug where repeaters in custom sections might not be correctly saving some inputs to the database
  • fixed bug where the change log was not correctly capturing the change to a textbox or rad editor box in a custom section during a report edit
  • fixed bug where “recent reports” was not always showing the correct reports (user assigned reports might have been omitted)
  • fixed bug where a stale-dated only workflow kicked off and sub-locations were involved, the chance of evaluating the triggers correctly was impacted
  • fixed bug where stale-dated workflows may have been incorrectly evaluating the stale date recursive interval and sending on day 0


  • upgraded to new version of fusion charts
  • added helper to clean file names better before uploading
  • optimized code on the trending graphs analytics page
  • optimized loading of scripts on pages, bundled needed scripts, removed legacy scripts or replaced with newer minified version where appropriate
  • upgraded to new version of heatmap (javascript)


  • added ability to set workflow email alert action to the “report author”
  • added new custom export report tool (Admin Only)
  • added ability for report author alert to be combined with an email group or individual


  • fixed typo on custom section sync page where describing the sync process
  • re-aligned ‘report history’ link on the individual report page so there is some padding on the border