Yes – Our cloud and on-premise solutions support Microsoft Active Directory. Please contact us for more details and to see which solution is best for you.

Yes – Any form can be replicated to use inside Incident Tracker. Contact us for more details on this process.

Yes – Incident Tracker’s customizable workflows allow for a wide range of notifications to make sure the right people are notified.

No – The secured cloud version of Incident Tracker is a web based application with nothing that needs to be downloaded or installed.

Yes – The Administrator(s) determine the rights of each user. They are able to edit these rights at any time.

The Administrator(s) can delete that user, and they would no longer have access to Incident Tracker. However, all data that has been entered by that user will remain in the system and is still able to be queried.

Yes – Incident Tracker will automatically email any report based on your settings. Reminder notifications can also be utilized.

Yes – Incident Tracker has an audit log for every action that occurs.

Yes – At the end of submitting a report or even editing it after, you are able to attach any number of files needed.

Yes – Users have the ability to edit their submitted reports with the proper user rights, while admins can edit any reports submitted by the users.