The Incident Report

The Incident Report

Today we are going to talk about the actual “Incident Report” that is created in Incident Tracker.  We are going to show you a sample report that contains all of the optional elements (excluding clery data, which is only relevant to Colleges and Universities in the United States).

A report contains standard and optional elements  The optional elements are:

  • a “duration” element, which you name yourself, examples are time/hr, money/dollar, or other numerically measured values with an associated unit.
  • a custom form, in this example a customized form named “Part I” shows.  A workflow rule automatically will attach a Part II later on in the workflow process.
  • All three labels: Status, Priority, and Assignments

The standard elements are:

  • Author
  • Date Filed
  • Incident Time/Date
  • Location
  • Category
  • Detailed write up
  • People and/or Witnesses involved
  • Appended notes with duration
  • File attachments
  • Report history

Here is sample report containing all standard and optional elements.


Report Actions

The follow actions are available for each report

  • Print
  • Email
  • PDF
  • Reminders (to self and/or assignee)
  • Include profile in workflow execution
  • Edit (with comprehensive change log)
  • Delete (a copy of the report is viewable in the event logs)
  • Bookmark
  • Append Notes with associated duration
  • View and attach files
  • Export to excel (as member of a larger set or individually)